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International Yoga Day Celebration at SIIB

Date : 21th June, 2019

The 5th International Yoga Day celebrations took place in the SIIB campus today where more than 20 participants comprising students and staff members took part in the event including the director of SIIB, Dr. Asmita Chitnis. The event was conducted by the faculty of the Department of Sports, Recreation and Wellness, SIU. The facilitators for the same were Mr. Nirmal Salvi, Assistant Director of Physical Education and Sports and Ms. Vaishali Mane, Senior in-charge, Recreation and Wellness Centre, SIU. The event started off with an introduction from Mr. Salvi who then proceeded to conduct the session with Ms. Mane as the demonstrator. It began with a modified Surya Namaskar which improves brain function, enhances focus and concentration, followed by some body loosening exercises. The team then went forward with some asanas such as Vakrasana, Bhujangasana, Shalbh asana, Pawanmukt asana and Setubandh asana. After this, cyclic meditation was performed along with the prayer "Laye Sambodayeth Chittam" which refers to gaining consciousness when drowsy and simultaneously pacifying the mind when agitated. This was accompanied by Savasana for the full relaxation of the body and the mind. The instant relaxation techniques like chanting, linear awareness and centering were implemented which focused on stimulating and relaxing both halves of the body separately and included different forms of Ardha Kati Chakrasanas. As the final step of the cyclic meditation practice, the quick relaxation technique (QRT) was implemented which involved Vajrasana, Sasankasana and Ustrasana (camel pose). The session ended with a round of Savasana where all the participants gradually returned to their equilibrium states with the tunes of the Gayatri Mantra playing in the background. Altogether, it was a rejuvenating and calming session which provided the participants with an opportunity to unwind from their daily schedules.

International Day of Yoga at SIIB
International Day of Yoga at SIIB
International Day of Yoga at SIIB
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