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Skill Development Workshops

Skill Development Workshops

Sr. No. Name of the workshop/ seminar Workshop Report
1 Skill Set required for Consulting role 332_SIIB_1(2022-23)
2 Art of Sales Negotiation 332_SIIB_2(2022-23)
3 Future of Fintech 332_SIIB_3(2022-23)
4 CV Building & LinkedIn Profile 332_SIIB_4(2022-23)
5 India: Trends in ESG Practices and Transparency 332_SIIB_5(2022-23)
6 Role of AI -IOT-Block chain in Supply Chain Management 332_SIIB_6(2022-23)
7 Our Health, Our Plants 332_SIIB_7(2022-23)
8 Value Stream Mapping 332_SIIB_8(2022-23)
9 Global recent advancement in EV Industry 332_SIIB_9(2022-23)
10 Skills required to pursue a career in the Agri-Input Industry 332_SIIB_10(2022-23)
11 Valuation 332_SIIB_11(2022-23)
12 Advance Excel 332_SIIB_12(2022-23)
13 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) 332_SIIB_13(2022-23)
14 How to Make a Top Career in Equities/ Derivatives Brokerages & New Age Trading App Companies 332_SIIB_14(2022-23)
15 Building Relationship and Professional Network 332_SIIB_15(2022-23)
16 The impact of microfinance on social capital and community development 332_SIIB_15(2022-23)
17 Business Line Manager 332_SIIB_15(2022-23)
Sr. No. Name of the workshop/ seminar Workshop Report
1 Emerging Paradigms of CSR in India and Overall effect of CSR on the brand equity of a business 332_SIIB_1(2021-22)
2 How to Crack Consulting Job Interviews 332_SIIB_2(2021-22)
3 Skills of the Future that MBA's need to build now 332_SIIB_3(2021-22)
4 Negotiation, Persuasion and Conflict Management 332_SIIB_4(2021-22)
5 Opportunities in Livestock Sector 332_SIIB_5(2021-22)
6 Unconscious Bias / Allyship 332_SIIB_6(2021-22)
7 Opportunities in the Banking Sector 332_SIIB_7(2021-22)
8 Sustainable Communication and its significance to Corporate Reputation 332_SIIB_8(2021-22)
9 Change Management 332_SIIB_9(2021-22)
10 All About Swaps 332_SIIB_10(2021-22)
11 Is Circular Economy more than just waste management? 332_SIIB_11(2021-22)
12 Product Management 332_SIIB_12(2021-22)
13 Sustainable personal growth through the corporate ladder 332_SIIB_13(2021-22)
14 Do's and Dont's of B plan Competition 332_SIIB_14(2021-22)
15 Digital Transformation of Indian Seed Business 332_SIIB_15(2021-22)
16 Food supply chain eco system - challenges in post COVID world 332_SIIB_16(2021-22)
17 Deconstructing ESG/ ESG Ecosystem - What, Why, Who, How 332_SIIB_17(2021-22)
18 Leveraging soft skills to climb the corporate ladder 332_SIIB_18(2021-22)
19 Conquer Content Marketing – Concepts, Trends, Tenets 332_SIIB_19(2021-22)
20 Trends in the Food Industry 332_SIIB_20(2021-22)
21 The Future of Electric Mobility and is India ready for the EV Revolution 332_SIIB_21(2021-22)
22 Sustainability at JSW and the Steel Industry 332_SIIB_22(2021-22)
23 Skills that organizations look for among the students 332_SIIB_23(2021-22)
24 Crop Protection and Sustainability : Shifting Paradigms 332_SIIB_24(2021-22)
25 Synergizing the innovation of Sustainability with the practicality of Circularity 332_SIIB_25(2021-22)
26 The Role of CSR communication in Marketing Strategy 332_SIIB_26(2021-22)
27 Changing Landscape of AgriTech Space 332_SIIB_27(2021-22)
28 Energy Audit and Energy Management 332_SIIB_28(2021-22)
29 LEED Approach Towards Sustainability and Opportunities 332_SIIB_29(2021-22)
30 Digitization as a Disruptor in Business Ecosystem 332_SIIB_30(2021-22)
31 Being one with the Consumer 332_SIIB_31(2021-22)
32 Role and Future of Big data in Agribusiness 332_SIIB_32(2021-22)
33 Agri Input Sector Perspective 332_SIIB_33(2021-22)
34 Personal Branding 332_SIIB_34(2021-22)
35 Introduction to ESG 332_SIIB_35(2021-22)
S.No. Name of the workshop/ seminar Workshop Report
1 Developing Strategy Skills for Managers: HR perspective in Agri Input Sector Post Covid SIIB_3.3.2_1(20-22)
2 Inculcating Consultancy Skills: Covid-19 & Agri Industry: Opportunity & Challenges SIIB_3.3.2_2(20-22)
3 Crisis into opportunity - student entrepreneurship SIIB_3.3.2_3(20-22)
4 Soft Skills Series: Overcoming Challenging times SIIB_3.3.2_4(20-22)
5 Developing Strategy Skills for Managers: Key Accounts Management SIIB_3.3.2_5(20-22)
6 Learning Marketing Skills: How to grow a liquor brand in a competitive Indian Market SIIB_3.3.2_6(20-22)
7 Technology Skill Seminars: Cloud-native technologies SIIB_3.3.2_7(20-22)
8 Learning Marketing Skills: Strategic Field Marketing Approaches for Agri Input Industry SIIB_3.3.2_8(20-22)
9 Developing Strategy Skills for Managers: Workforce of the future SIIB_3.3.2_9(20-22)
10 Learning Marketing Skills: Eco- Agriculture /Bio Agriculture in India - A Perspective SIIB_3.3.2_10(20-22)
11 Strategy Skills for Managers: SCM challenges faced by the industry during COVID-19 SIIB_3.3.2_11(20-22)
12 Soft Skills Series: How to charter a successful corporate career? SIIB_3.3.2_12(20-22)
13 Developing Strategy Skills for Managers: Future of the Energy sector SIIB_3.3.2_13(20-22)
14 Research Methods: Python workshop SIIB_3.3.2_14(20-22)
15 Technology Skill Seminars: Digital transformation of Indian Seed Business SIIB_3.3.2_15(20-22)
16 Soft Skills Series: Developing Cultural Intelligence SIIB_3.3.2_16(20-22)
17 Soft Skills Series: Leadership in crisis SIIB_3.3.2_17(20-22)
18 Developing Strategy Skills for Managers: Energy and the challenge of sustainability SIIB_3.3.2_18(20-22)
19 Developing Strategy Skills for Managers: Sales Analysis & Forecasting SIIB_3.3.2_19(20-22)
20 Developing Strategy Skills for Managers: Sustainability & The Decade of Climate Action SIIB_3.3.2_20(20-22)
21 Entrepreneurship Series: Startups-Why, What, How? SIIB_3.3.2_21(20-22)
22 Learning Marketing Skills: Product Management SIIB_3.3.2_22(20-22)
23 Soft Skills Series: Diversity and Inclusion SIIB_3.3.2_23(20-22)
24 Developing Strategy Skills for Managers: Agri trade around the world SIIB_3.3.2_24(20-22)
25 Developing Strategy Skills for Managers: HR Analytics and OD SIIB_3.3.2_25(20-22)
26 Soft Skills Series: Influences of Employer Satisfaction during Recruitment of Fresh Management Post Graduates SIIB_3.3.2_26(20-22)
27 Inculcating Consultancy Skills: Role of Hybrid seeds in increasing farm productivity in India SIIB_3.3.2_27(20-22)
28 Developing Strategy Skills for Managers: Relevance of Risk Management & Trade Credit Insurance for Corporates in COVID-19 SIIB_3.3.2_28(20-22)
29 Learning Marketing Skills: Future of Agri Input Industry in India & Digital Agriculture SIIB_3.3.2_29(20-22)
30 Technology Skill Seminars: Agri Commodities Trading SIIB_3.3.2_30(20-22)
S.No. Category of the Workshops Name of Workshops Workshop Reports
1 Skill Development 1. Production, Planning and Control Supply Chain- A global Perspective
2. International Marketing 3. HR Operations
4. Air Pollution Controllers for curbing Outdoor Air Pollution Levels across the Globe.
5. Organizational design and change management interventions
6. Agri Insurance
7. Sustainability practices with respect to corporate scenario
8. Sustainable procurement and its impact on business performance. Climate financing & reporting
9. IOT in Agriculture and Smart farming
10. Credit Risk Assessment
11. Portfolio Management & Alternative Investments
12. Strategies for better sales and marketing in Agri Input industry
13. Agriculture and Crop Insurance
14. Introduction of NBFC
15. Fixed Income Market & swap Treading
16. Sustainability banking
17. Supply chain in IT sector (supplies, production, end use, disposal).
Measures undertaken for designing sustainable supply chain network.
18. Energy, Sustainability & climate change
19. Introduction of Project Finance
20. Social Auditing
21. Diversity Inclusion in the Workforce
22. Reputation Management
23. Post COVID-19 career Landscape
24. Customer Relationship Management and Customer Retention
25. Sales Lead Generation
(Skill Development 2019-2020)
2 IPR 1. Introduction to IPR (IPR 2019-2020)
3 Research Methodology 1. Research Methodology by Ms. Neha Yadav (Research Methodology 2019-2020)
S.No. Category of the Workshops Name of Workshops Workshop Reports
1 Skill Development 1. Opportunities and Challenges on the economy due to plastic ban
2. Project Finance
3. Evolution of Sustainability in Corporates and Responsible Investing
4. Turnaround Management and Role of Board of Director
5. Marketing Communication- Unconventional
6. Employee Engagement is NO Rocket Science
7. Marketing and Sales Integration
8. Demystifying Financial Statement Linkages
9. Tracking HR Challenges and different HR Strategies
10. Solar Project design for grid-connected & standalone power plant by using PvSyst software
11. SCEI workshop
(Skill Development 2018-2019)
2 Entrepreneurship 1. Start up stories
2. B-Plan Workshop
(Entrepreneaurship 2018-2019)
3 Research Methodology 1. Research Methodology by Ms. Neha Yadav (Research Methodology 2018-2019)
S.No. Category of the Workshops Name of Workshops Workshop Reports
1 Skill Development 1. Tackling HR Challenges in the industry/start-ups during the growing stage, HR strategies in Areas - Strategy and Business acumen, HR Technologies, HR and Workforce Analysis
2. Outdoor Air Pollution
3. Emotional Intelligence and its significance; Leadership, Talent Gap Crucial conversations-Dealing with difficult conversations
4. Power Trading
5. Pertaining to how the content in media needs to be thoroughly analysed before drawing any interpretations or arriving at conclusions
6. International Vs Domestic Business
7. Customer Experience and after Sales Customer Service
8. How Mc'Donald's is doing different in India? And the other countries
9. Holistic view on Business Finance
10. Agri Input Marketing
11. Value Creation
12. Indian Power sector today: Achievements, Issues and Challenges
13. Overview of TV and Film Industry
14. Energy Management in Engineering Industry and Commercial Buildings
15. Bridging the gap between HR and Finance
16. Workshop on Marketing Professional 2.0
17. Workshop on Marketing Professional 2.0 18. HR Analytics
19. International Logistics
20. The Role of a big data analytics in Renewable Energy
21. Banking Operations
22. Supply chain risk management.
23. Sales & Marketing Strategies for Agri products
24. Project Finance
25. Insurance Management
26. Insurance Management
27. Embedding Sustainability in an Organization
28. Co-Processing - A sustainable Waste Management Solution
(Skill Development 2017-2018)
2 Entrepreneurship 1. B-Plan workshop (Entrepreneaurship 2017-2018)
3 Research Methodology 1. Research Methodology by Mr. Ashish Kulkarni (Research Methodology 2017-2018)
S.No. Category of the Workshops Name of the Workshops Workshop Reports
1 Skill Development 1. “Supply Chain – The McDonald’s Way”
2. FinShiksha
3. Key performance indicator
4. SCM in Mumbai for Mumbai Dabbawala
5. Commodity Treading
6. Energy Efficiency & Facility Management
7. Business Analytics
8. Startup Strategy
9. Agricultural Mechanization and Business Opportunities
10. Mergergers and acquisitions
(Skill Development 2016-2017)
2 Entrepreneurship 1. B-plan workshop by Mr. Rohit Lalwani (Entrepreneaurship 2016-2017)
3 Research Methodology 1. Research Methodology by Mr. Ashish Kulkarni (Research Methodology 2016-2017)
S.No. Category of the Workshops Name of the Workshops Workshop Reports
1 Skill Development 1. Energy Environment
2. Sustainability practices at Loreal and your experiences
3. Job Opprtunities in Agri Sector
(Skill Development 2015-2016)
2 Research Methodology 1. Research Methodology by Dr. Urvashi Rathod (Research Methodology 2015-2016)
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