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WE-Insight by E-Cell

Focussing on the power & impact of women entrepreneurs in today's world, Entrepreneurship Cell, for the first time in history, organised a women entrepreneurship conclave “WE-Insight”.

WE-Insight is a “My Story Session” which focuses on inspiring the students by sharing success stories of women entrepreneurs who have taken the step forward to bring about a change in the business world. It serves as a platform for established women entrepreneurs to motivate, inspire and lead the future entrepreneurs particularly women.

The event mainly focussed on the do's and don’ts of the corporate world, advice on how to go about in starting a new business and the critical areas on which budding entrepreneurs can work upon. It also focused on the challenges and hardships faced by women entrepreneurs in the start-up space and the nitty-gritties of risk and innovation.

We had invited two very successful business-women who have a passion for entrepreurship and want to inspire other women to follow their heart and pursue the entrepreneurial road to success:

  • Pritika Chatterjee
    Co-Founder & CEO, Tidyhomz
  • Vishakha Agarwal
    Founding Director & CMO, V-Synergize Outsourcing

Pritika Chatterjee, co-founder & CEO of TidyHomz, an online platform for buying basic utilities and furniture; shared her story with the students giving them an Insight of how she began her life as an entrepreneur and how things happened since her college days to the time when she started her own venture. She talked about the target market, challenges she’s facing and how Tidy Homz can make life better by providing solutions for space saving. She expressed fund management as the biggest concern in running a company and shared how her company is different from other competitors like She shared her approach of forward integration in the business and moreover, emphasised on the importance of both online and offline marketplace. As her parent company is also the biggest exporter of IKEA from India, the business is quite secure in case of fluctuation in demand from any of the one market.

The second speaker was Vishakha Agarwal, Founding Director & CMO of V-Synergize Outsourcing, she had a very interactive session with the students. She started her speech by asking a few questions to the audience and engaged the students. She focused more on different methods of approach that can be taken while leading the entrepreneurial journey and also shared small instances from her life that had a strong impact on her.

After experiencing the enthralling vibes, her husband also joined in to interact with the students. He guided students to concentrate on the power of meditation and Yoga and discussed how important they can be to have a balanced state of mind. This particularly helps in overcoming the high stress associated with starting a new business venture.

This was a great learning experience for the students as they got to interact and share their concerns of starting a new business and also learnt what approach has to be taken during that journey.

E-Cell is proud to have organised such an event & promises to provide greater learning, motivation and inspiration through such sessions.

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