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Visit to AutomobileManufacturing Center in Pune by SIIB batch of 2020

Date: 4 th February 2019

Visit to Tata Motors Plant, Pune

First and foremost, we would like to express our sincere gratitude towards Tata Motors, for giving this amazing opportunity to the SIIB batch of 2020 to visit one of the Asia’s largest automobile manufacturing center in Pune. The tour was truly eclectic, as it exposed the students to a wide range of subjects ranging from skill development to core engineering departments.

Safety is of paramount importance in a plant of this humongous scale. The plant has occupational health centre which aims to educate each and every employee about the importance of personal safety and key steps to avoid any hazard. The plant also has a skill-development center for on-job trainings and upskilling its employees. The quality of practical exposures and the skills imparted to the trainees is undoubtedly top-notch, which in turn helps Tata Motors retain its top of the line performance in every aspect. It is because of these investment made by Tata Motors in the career development and well-being of its employees that it received the “HR Innovation of the Year” at the Asia Pacific Excellence Awards 2016.

Several other departments were covered as a part of our one-day tour, including the Production Engineering Division, Gear Factory Division, Chassis Line Division, Hitachi Press Line Division, Scrap Yard Division etc. Even though each department had a completely different set of objectives and responsibilities, they all gave utmost importance to cleanliness of their workshop and safety of its employees. It was a case in point to the fact that cleanliness drives productivity in the workplace. To further incentivize its employees they award “Man of the Month Award” & “Cleanest Shop Award” to the cleanest unit every month.

We also had the opportunity to interact directly with the employees of Tata Motors, who guided us through the company’s code of conduct and its affirmative retention policy. They informed us about the steps company take to maintain highest standards of quality in each and every design step (Six Sigma Approach for quality).

The plant visit was a really fruitful experience for the entire batch, and it exposed us to practicality of managing a gigantic plant with over 24000 employees working everyday. The company puts in a lot of effort to train its employees and ensures their safety in day to day activities.

SIIB Students visit Tata Motors Plant
SIIB Students visit Tata Motors Plant
SIIB Students visit Tata Motors Plant
SIIB Students visit Tata Motors Plant
SIIB Students visit Tata Motors Plant
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