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Student Clubs

Marketing Club

The Marketing Club of SIIB is one of the most popular clubs on campus. Here the students gather and share their experiences in the field and their views about the same. The club seeks to provide the students with valuable information about marketing which goes beyond the syllabus of mere textbooks. All the activities of the club are solely managed by the students and they include such fun activities like quizzes, debates, discussions, polls, presentations, ‘Brand’ auctions which go hand in hand with the lectures delivered by renowned speakers in field. Such an environment ensures that marketing lives up to its image of the most ‘happening and creative’ field.

Finance Club

The Finance Club is another popular club at SIIB which provides a platform for students to exchange their various ideas in the dynamic and ever changing world of “Money”. The members of this club are always ready for a dialogue on finance and they share their vivid views on various topics like Securities, Venture Capitals, RBI, Insurance, the Credit Rating of Companies, Mutual Funds among others. The discussions are also supplemented with the presentations and research. The club organizes many activities like quizzes and paper presentations as well as the routine guest lectures conducted by leading personalities from the field of finance.

Supply Chain Management Club

Prominent guest speakers, interesting quizzes, presentations on pertinent Supply Chain Management issues like shipping, freight and airlines amongst other latest developments in the field of international trade and logistics are just a few of the activities that are conducted all year round by the SCM Club. The club assumes a special significance in the institute as it deals with the core issues of International Business. It gives students an opportunity to participate in and organize the various events. Ingenuity and innovation are always in demand since the activities of the SCM club always have a new dimension to them.

Human Resource Club

Recognizing the role that human resources play in today’s dynamic organizations the HR Club was founded to give students a chance to learn the practicalities of the theories that they learn in the classroom. The club conducts an array of unique activities like Personality & Perception exercises, Book Reviews, etc to sensitize the students to the latest changes in this field. People from the corporate world are specially invited to deliver lectures and share their experiences and discuss the various methodologies on issues including Performance Appraisal, Competency Mapping, Compensation, etc.

Agri Business Club

The Agri-Business Club of SIIB is a club which is exclusively reserved for and caters to the value addition of the Agri Business Management students. The club offers them useful knowledge about the field so that they are better equipped when they step into the world of Business Administration. The club is run by the students and the faculty provides them with necessary guidance and direction. Book reviews, quizzes and presentations on all kinds of topics in the Agri Business industry are conducted on a regular basis. The students are also encouraged to stay in touch with the latest developments in Agri-Policy initiatives, Commodity prices in the country and over the world and all other associated issues.

Energy & Environment Club

The Energy & Environment club is the latest entrant to SIIB’s growing and diverse activities. The club provides a platform for Energy and Environment students to bring about increased knowledge sharing on the challenges of the energy and environment sector, both at the domestic and global levels through interactive and brainstorming sessions. The club runs a series of activities ranging from incisive book reviews, thought provoking debates, case studies on burning environmental issues and updates from the media world. The club strives to analyse and understand the various challenges that our country faces in terms of Energy and Environment particularly in the fields of Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Policy Issues, Industry Trends and reports by eminent Scientists, Economists and Industry specialists.

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