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Date of Conduct: 3rd May 2021

HOD/Concerned Faculty Head: Mr. Dipen Paul

Batch: Students of Batch 2019-21 and 2020-22 

No of Attendees: 350 


On 3rd May 2021, SIIB hosted a virtual Stepping Out Day Ceremony for the outgoing students of Batch 2019- 21. The occasion was graced by our Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor Dr Rajani Gupte, Director SIIB Dr Asmita Chitnis, Deputy Director Dr Prakash Rao and Ms Tanya Sharma Moore eminent alumni from the batch 1995- 1997. The event commenced with the faculty members giving a heartfelt address to the students recalling their memories. Ms Tanya Sharma Moore shared about her life at SIIB and how it helped to shape her subsequent career. She expressed her views, thoughts and her path to success that would guide the departing batch in their future endeavours. Our Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor Dr Rajani Gupte, conveyed her love and best wishes to the students. Further, some students from the batch 2019-21 unfolded their experiences and learnings at SIIB.

The student achievement awards were presented among the batch for portraying exceptional performance in various fields integral to management. A senior student representative then handed over the duties and responsibilities of various student committees to the junior batch to continue the legacy. Further, the ceremony was addressed by our Director Dr Asmita Chitnis, who spoke about the hardships the institute is facing in these tough times and how we would overcome the adversity and enjoy better days to come. Our Deputy Director Dr Prakash Rao, concluded the ceremony with a brief address and vote of thanks. At the end of the ceremony, a short memorable video was played, which showcased the life of the outgoing batch.

Students Feedback:

  1.  “The session was filled with a plethora of emotions running among the senior batch. The faculty gave an overwhelming speech which made us emotional and brought in a sense of pride for being a part of SIIB.” – Silky Chandra, MBA IB (2019-21)
  2. “The online mode of bidding farewell to the seniors was unprecedented yet inclusive in nature. The presence of alumni and respected faculty members made it memorable. Sitting miles away, sharing laughter and memories on same platform is a new experience that will be cherished forever.”- Namrata Chowdhury, MBA IB (2020-22)

Overall Feedback:

The virtual stepping out ceremony connected the students from across the two batches with the faculty members and the eminent guests present at the ceremony despite the harsh global situation. It served as a trip down memory lane for the departing batch and gave everyone a reason to celebrate not the absence but the memories created during their two years.

Virtual Stepping Out Day Ceremony of SIIB
Virtual Stepping Out Day Ceremony of SIIB
Virtual Stepping Out Day Ceremony of SIIB

Virtual Stepping Out Day Ceremony of SIIB
Virtual Stepping Out Day Ceremony of SIIB
Virtual Stepping Out Day Ceremony of SIIB
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