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Social Initiatives

Summary of Kshitij – ISR Committee Activities

To inculcate socially responsible and value-based behavior in the budding mangers, Kshitij – ISR committee of SIIB works towards community development in the diverse areas such as education, environment, waste management and sustainability. With a positive participation from  more than 100 students year after year have been working committedly and contributing towards society. All the activities are executed with a proper planning under the supervision of the faculty mentor  Dr. Viraja Bhat. 

In the Academic Year 21-22 many activities were carried out for the benefit of community and society in collaboration with NGO, industry and community. 

  1.  SIC staff children welfare project ( evening Project) has been in in existence for more than  ten 10 years( started in 2008 ) wherein the SIIB students tutoring the children ( Age group 5-20)of SIC Class IV staff and surrounding underprivileged every day in the subjects Maths, English, Science and personality development . The impact Assessment of this activity has been carried out and there has been a positive progress in the academic performance of the children.  
  2. In the year 2021-22 Municipal School Team conducted exclusive English Grammar Remedial sessions both offline and online for the school children of Ghodawate School
  3. In the year 2021-22 Municipal School Team conducted Online Sessions on the subject “ Stress Management “  for the children of Pirangut Science college and Mahatma Phule   School.
  4. NGO Activities – Team participated in various activities in association with the NGO’s – Love care Share and Samajbandh. 
  5. Activities with Industry – E-waste Team virtual visit to Mahalaxmi ERecyclers  and a survey for understanding E-waste Awareness. 
  6. Sustainability Projects - To sensitize SIIB students about the contemporary issues and their linkages on business environment a social media campaign on various issues  such as E -Waste, Carbon Footprint, water etc. were carried out
SIIB team participated in NGO activities - Robin Hood Army team
Social Initiatives by SIIB - Guest lecture by Samaj Bandhan

Social Initiatives by SIIB - E waste CYDA Event team

Evening Team Project – Snapshots ( September 2021- March 2022)

image4 image5 image6 image7

Remedial Sessions for English Grammar at Ghodawate School

(Sessions Conducted on 08/03/22, 11/03/22, 14/03/22 & 17/03/22).


Session on Stress Management at Pirangut College conducted on 19.01.2022


Session in collaboration with Love Care Share NGO on the eve of World Peace Day on 21/9/2021


Session in collaboration with SamajBandh NGO on the eve of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October 2021.


Sustainability Campaigns and Pledge taking for Environmental Awareness ( November 2021- February 2022)

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