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SIIB Students Inspired by Gnanvatsal Swami

Symbiosis Institute of International Business was proud to welcome Gnanvatsal Swami of BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha , for a Guest Lecture on ‘Work life balance’ on 28th November, 2017 at SIIB auditorium, Pune. BAPS, a non-profit organization, is spread across 60 countries and has more than 13000 temples world-wide. Swamiji has in the past delivered several lectures at colleges and Universities across India and overseas as well as speeches at management seminars.

The event initiated with felicitation of Gnanvatsal Swami by Dy. Director Prakash Rao post which he took the center stage and explained about the philosophy behind management of effective work-life balance. He explained the current ordeal of working masses having fancier houses but broken homes, having minted money but shallow in relationships and having broken an atom but couldn’t break a prejudice.

Swamiji stressed on the need for hard work in order to achieve success. Shortcuts may look fancy in the short-run, but in the long run they are detrimental. He shared various anecdotes of successful people and in one example quoting Bill Gates’ story, he shared three key points for achieving success, viz. intense hard work, determination to succeed and acceptance of ideas of others.

Swamiji also tethered hard work with ethics and considered it as a prime prerequisite towards achieving a sound work-life balance. Without ethics, one could lose oneself, lose credibility and lose family. He also insisted on sharing and caring at workplace to build a system of values which in turn would be beneficial for the peers and to the company.

He also shared a secret towards maintaining work-life balance and that included the 3-H i.e. Health, Hygiene and Hobby and 3-F i.e. Family, Friends and Faith. He also shared the 8-8-8- formula wherein one should try to dedicate 8 hours at work, 8 hours to family and remaining 8 hours to pursue one’s hobby.

The session was a highly enriching one where he spoke about different challenges in the corporate sphere and the various ethical and moral dilemmas one faces in the process. We thank Gnanvatsal Swami for taking his time out and providing students a great opportunity to learn more on work-life balance and the philosophy that goes by it.

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