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Guest Lecture by Mr. Siddharth Deshmukh

Guest Lecture Title:

"Modern Trade & Distribution in the handset industry"

Date of Conduct: 19th July 2020

Duration: 90 Mins

Speaker’s Name & Designation: Mr. Siddharth Deshmukh, National Head - Modern Trade & General Trade at OnePlus India

 HOD/Concerned Faculty Head: Miss Anuja Zanzad

Batch: Batch 2020-2022

No of students present: 300+

Short Synopsis of the Workshop:

On 19th July, the students of SIIB 2020-2022 batch witnessed a fascinating guest lecture convened by Mr. Siddharth Deshmukh, Head - Modern Trade & General Trade at OnePlus India. In his session, Mr. Siddharth Deshmukh spoke about "Modern Trade and Distribution in terms of Handset Industry". He spoke about the shopper insights and three mega trends (Research Digitally, Explore Locally, Engage Online) that influence the handsets end users digitally. He also enlightened the students about the role of Distribution as the backbone of business and explained about the Distribution Channels and the differences between General trade and Modern/Organized Trade. He concluded the lecture with an interactive Q&A session and clearing the doubts of students about the session.


 Any 2 students’ feedback:

  1. ‘Overall the session was quite informative. It gave an insight about the three tiers of Distribution in the digital market and an idea about the Distribution channel of OnePlus India.’ – Deby Satapathy, MBA, Energy & Environment, Batch 2020-2022.


  1. ‘Today’s lectures walked us through all the relevant topics like an overview on Handset Industry, Shoppers Insights and how search engines like Google play an important role in data analysis. Mr. Deshmukh also touched upon electronic data interface and real time data. Overall a great insight to #FlagShipKiller handset.’ – Amit Teotia, MBA, Energy & Environment, Batch 2020-2022.

Overall Feedback: It was a very enlightening and lively session which gave the students an insight on how Handset Industries like OnePlus market their products and what roles do the distribution Channels, Brand & Product related engagements play.

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