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A session with Mr. Arun Firodia - Chairman, Kinetic Group.

It was a privilege to have Mr. Arun Firodia (Chairman, Kinetic Group) addressing students and faculties of SIIB on the topic of ‘Entrepreneurship at its best!’ which was held on 7th of July, 2017 at the SIIB Auditorium, Pune. Mr. Firodia gave insights about entrepreneurial skills and their practical implications by stating the example of Mr. Walchand Hirachand - one of the pioneers of entrepreneurship during pre-independence era in Indian history.

Mr. Firodia touched upon the journey of Mr. Walchand, who established India’s first modern shipyard, in an era where shipping industry was non-existent in India. He negotiated with aircraft builders and started an aircraft factory in India, which was the first of its kind. He invested in car machineries and built car factories as well. He also established construction companies, sugar plantations, sugar factories, confectioneries, engineering companies and many other businesses. In a British-ruled world where trade was difficult for a businessman as it is, he emerged as a leader, broken all shackles and paved the way for other businessmen to come.

The lecture was a followed by an interactive question and answer session and Mr. Firodia answered them with real life examples adding an element of humour in all. He concluded by sharing his mantra in life- “Along with working hard to be successful one should do something for the country, do something for the people of India, to reach out to them and enter into their hearts and money should not be the sole, motivating factor.”

Mr. Arun Firodia (Chairman, Kinetic Group)

SIIB arranged session with Mr. Arun Firodia on Entrepreneurship at its best

Interactive question and answer session with Mr. Arun Firodia at SIIB

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