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Session on Cultural Intelligence by Ms Anindita Banerjee

The session was an engrossing one with several small activities, discussions, presentations and videos.

The session started with a small activity that made the students realise the existing diversity among them. Thereafter, further concepts on culture followed.

The session was about culture, diversity and inclusion and cultural intelligence. Shared pattern of beliefs, values, assumptions and behaviours that distinguish one group from another is what culture is.

When it comes to diversity, it is the presence of difference. It is of two types- internal (region, age, nationality, physical ability and external ( religion, income, education, marital status and so on).In order to identify or relate to a person one can also use UCP model (Universal, Cultural and Personal)

Diversity inclusion refers to the extent to which the diverse groups have a seat at the table.

These concepts leads to cultural intelligence which is the capability to function effectively across contexts. It has four pillars- CQ Drive, CQ Strategy, CQ Knowledge and CQ Action. Activities and videos helped students to understand these concepts very well.

Finally the session ended with a beautiful thought-“People are not right or wrong, they are just different”

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