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Gender Sensitization Workshop 2019

A workshop on Gender Sensitization and Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) conducted by Ms. Renuka Mukadam took place in SIIB today for the batch of 2019-21. The event started off with an introduction regarding the importance of gender inclusion along with a screening of a film by Marcia Miloa, highlighting the gender roles and stereotypes prevalent in the society. Discussions took place about how to define gender inequality created through socialization and how it generates opportunities and constraints for both men and women. The need for unlearning pre-learned behaviour was emphasized upon as gender roles become increasingly non-binary in nature. Importance of political correctness regarding gender roles and breaking away from the traditional patriarchal mindset was stressed upon. Various types of sexual harassment and the concept of workplace conduct was discussed through an audio visual experience by presenting a video on personal boundaries and respecting other's choices. Among the different types of harassment, the most pertinent form - the Quid Pro Quo - which is associated with person in power demanding sexual favours from a subordinate, was discussed in detail. The next form of harassment considered was the hostile work environment concept which is not only limited to unwelcome sexual advances but also includes non-sexual acts such as staring, making inappropriate gestures and sharing sexual jokes. The difference between harassment and flirting was also examined in detail and the major takeaway from the discussion was the idea of consent. The role of the Internal Committee (IC) who are involved in redressing the grievances of a complainant who has encountered some form of harassment in the workplace was also studied. Finally, the action taken in case of false accusation by the complainant against the perpetrator was deliberated upon.