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SAP Live Business League

SAP in association with prospective sponsors organized the Zonal round of “Live Business League”- a Business simulation competition at SIIB on the 23rd of August. Unlike other turn-based simulations used for business training, the League is based on ERPSim games by Baton Simulation and have participants use the system faster than in real-time. This requires them to make on the spot decisions regarding sales, pricing, product components, marketing investments, cash management, production sequencing and more, all by using the reports and transactions found in SAP.

The event saw participation from several teams comprising experts from various industry domains. The team from Spaco Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd bagged the first position. The SIIB team comprising Achal Vijay, Neha Kotwal, Paras Agarwal, Prashant Wasuja and Shreeshail Lokhande placed second. The event saw the teams competing head to head in order to maximise their net profits by keeping a close watch on the procurement and inventory as well as marketing expenditure and competitor strategy. All present found the experience a wonderful way to enhance learning and usage of the SAP tool. The participants from SIIB felt that it was a great opportunity to interact with industry stalwarts and put their classroom knowledge to good use. All in all, the event turned out to be a truly enriching experience.

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