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As a part of the academic activity, SIIB conducts various workshops, guest lectures and seminars for its students. In the league of premier Symbiosis Institutes and one of the top MBA schools in the country, SIIB invites experts from all the fields of the industry to come to the institute and offer their valuable insight and opinions on current and pertinent topics in addition to providing information to the students about their areas of specialization.

MBA-AB 2021-2022

Sr. No.

Name of Guest


1 Ms. Deepali Gunye Advance KPI
2 Mr. Yatin Sonkusare CV Building & Linkedin Profiling
3 Mr. Atulaya Goswami Skills of the Future that MBA's need to build NOW
4 Mr. Murali Mohan Negotiation, Persuasion and Conflict Management
5 Mr. Paul van Eijck Virtual Entrepreneurship and Opportunities in the Potato Sector
6 Dr. Dinesh Bhosale Opportunities in Livestock Sector
7 Dr. Prasad Modak Is Circular Economy more than just waste management?
8 Ms. Mariam Sultan & Ms. Shivangi Singh Do's and Dont's of B plan Competition
9 Mr. Ajay Mishra Interview Preparation
10 Mr. Vinayak Raman Sharma Digital Transformation of Indian Seed Business
11 Mr. Praveen Wagh Food supply chain eco system - challenges in post COVID world
12 Ms. Namita Tiwari Conquer Content Marketing – Concepts, Trends, Tenets
13 Mr. Noel Ferrao Trends in the Food Industry
14 Mr. Shivram Apte Advance Excel
15 Mr. Dinkar Joshi Crop Protection and Sustainability : Shifting Paradigms
16 Mr. Kishor Jha Changing Landscape of AgriTech Space
17 Ms. Misha Mehta Garg Being one with the Consumer
18 Mr. Binu Joseph Role and Future of Big data in Agribusiness
19 Mr. Vamsi Krishna C Agri Input Sector Perspective
20 Ms. Jinal Dedhia Shah Personal Branding
21 Ms. Deepali Gunye KPI
22 Mr. Lokesh Kumar Start up ecosystem in agri input industry
23 Mr. Vivek Khatri Careers in Business Development & Pre-sales and Portfolio Management
24 Mr. Arun Bhanumurthy Industry Orientation, Production Planning & Controlling
25 Ms. Manisha Sahay Digital Marketing
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