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Workshop / Seminars

AB Specialization

S NO Name of Guest Designation Topic
1 Mr. Kishan Dumpeta Head of Seeds Operation Strategy & Projects, Asia Pacific Region International Vs Domestic Business
2 Mr. Praveen Wagh Deputy General Manager – National Supply Chain How Mc'Donald's is doing different in India? And the other countries
3 Mr. Vishal Ratan Founder Director & Chief Commercial Officer Agri Input Marketing
4 Mr. Ashok Kumar Visiting Faculty 1.Indian Retailing Scenario
2.Types of Retailers
3.Retail Locations and Retail Site Location
5 Mr. Ashok Kumar Visiting Faculty 4.Information Systems and SCM in Agri Retail
5.Main participants in distribution channel and how did they function
6.Retail Communication Mix
6 Mr. Shivram Apte Founder & CEO Excel Training (Grooming by Placement)
7 Mr. Bakul Joshi Brand Protection and Sales Excellence Leader (South Asia) Sales & Marketing Strategies for Agri Products
8 Mr. Moreshwar Garde Visiting Faculty Insurance Management
9 Mr. Mangesh Wange COO The Rationale for working with an NGO after Achieving Immense Success in various domains such as Micro Finance, Retail etc.
10 Mr. Shankar Tagad Domain Consultant TCS mKRISHI® Platform
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