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Student Projects

MBA – IB [2021-23]

Sr. No.

Project Title

1 Agile and Scrum Workflow Management
2 Understanding Talent Acquisition Process
3 2-Wheeler Split
4 Financial Analysis of Listed & Unlisted Companies
5 CRM Related to Insurance Sector
6 Factors Influencing Stock Market
7 Ad-Hoc Market Research
8 Buying Pattern for MEPF In Different Industrial Segments
9 Analyzing Customers' Journey Through VWO
10 Annual Report Compilation
11 Approach for Dm Proposals, SEO, Content Writing
12 Assisting in Getting Domestic and International Funders for Swades Programs
13 Automation Analysis for Instamoney
14 Benchmarking Distribution Models for Rural Tamil Nadu
15 Brand Management
16 Budgeting
17 Redesign Strategy for Magneto It Solutions
18 Business Development & Social Media Marketing
19 Business Development, Brand Management and Marketing Initiatives
20 Business Finance
21 Business Opportunity Identification in PCMC
22 Capacity Utilization Planning
23 Channel Strategy for Plaeto School Footwear
24 Comparative Analysis of Mutual Funds and ULIPS
25 Consumer Perception About Bajaj Life Insurance Products
26 Counter Party Credit Risk-CDX Reports
27 Creating A Best-In-Class Field Force by Benchmarking with Competitors and Proposing Changes
28 Credit Appraisal System in Financial Sector
29 Credit Rating Analysis
30 Credit Risk
31 Customer Decision Making in Investment
32 Data Analytics and Business Process Benchmarking for Services
33 Data Center Market Research
34 Early Warning Indicator for Corporate Portfolio and Daily Monitoring
35 Digital Banking
36 Digital Marketing
37 Electromechanical Projects Market Research
38 Exo Sprint
39 Expanding Distribution & In-Store Visibility of Foods Brands in West
40 Exponential Organization Sprint
41 F&V Sourcing
42 Financial Advisory and Portfolio Construction
43 Financial Planning for Salaried Employee, Strategies for Tax Savings
44 Formulate A Marketing Channel Strategy for Plaeto School Footware
45 GTM For International Geographies
46 HIV Concept Understood and Practiced by Life Insurance
47 Operations Management in Improving the Brand Value
48 ICR - Sparc
49 Identifying Gaps in Employee Experience and Engagement
50 Impact of Value-Added Content on Marketing
51 Implementation of Kapture CRM For D2c Brands
52 Industry Solutions and Assessment Tool Creation
53 Lendenclub Lending-International Remittance Services
54 Logistics - D2c, B2b And Exports
55 Mapping Global Retail and Steam Sterilization Landscape Opportunity for Spices
56 Market Identification and Research for Plant Based Products
57 Market Mapping & Data Aggregation
58 Market Penetration Strategies
59 Market Research
60 Market Scope of Different Financial Sector
61 Marketing of New Generation Insulin
62 Marketing Scope of Different Financial Sectors
63 Marketing Strategies of Valentino
64 Neo Bank
65 Supply Chain Solutions Built on Oracle Cloud & Emerging Technologies
66 Supply Chain Solutions Built on Oracle Cloud & Emerging Technologies
67 Outlet Validation (Geo Tagging) And Rec Drive
68 Outstation - Improve Key Metrics
69 Converting Passives to AMCS + Mod T Improvement in The Branch
70 Payment Hub-Product Strategy
71 Power Bi & Delinquency Analysis
72 Pro Camp Marathon
73 Procure-To-Pay (P2p) Process
74 Product Development and Management
75 Product Marketing for Better Product Adoption
76 Product Specialist Learning Tool
77 Product Strategies of Mutual Fund Companies
78 Product Strategy of Private Life Insurance Company.
79 Promotion for Dr. Oetker Waffle Promo Pack
80 Rentals - Business Development
81 Retail Activation and Planning
82 Retirement Planning Is Best Done Among Employees of Private Sector
83 Risk and Return Analysis of Pension Funds
84 Risk Management in Insurance Sector
Schools365 Marketplace Category Development & Identification of Other Relevant Categories For K-12 Schools
86 Secondary Cost Project, Stock Valuation
87 Secondary Cost Project, KPI Project
88 Stream Line the Renewal of Membership of GJEPC
89 Study Global Philanthropic Market for Supply and Demand and The Trends for Last 3 Years
90 Study of Agri B2b Enterprises and Identifying Marketing Strategies for Rural Penetration
91 Finance Solutions Built on Oracle Cloud & Emerging Technologies
92 Understanding Financial Statements Using Ratio Analysis
93 Analysing Investment Behaviour With Respect to Life Insurance.
94 Talent Acquisition with Focus on Digital Recruitment
95 Talent Acquisition with Focus on Digital Recruitment
96 The Importance of Marketing in Talent Acquisition and Recruitment
97 Analyzing and Implementing Pull Planning System
98 Business Expansion & Brand Management
99 Increase the Weighted Distribution of Saffola Honey By 20% (Approx.) In Kolkata Area
100 Financial Advisory and Portfolio Construction
101 Preparation of Investment/Pitch Deck to Raise A Pre-Series A Round Of $2million For A Client.
102 Understanding the Import-Export Business of SO.PRO.PHA SARL
103 Us GTM Footprints
104 Value Addition Through Quality Content on Digital Marketing
105 Website and Competitive Analysis of Ecommerce Websites
106 International Marketing
107 Partnership and Off page SEO
108 Learning and Development
109 Supply Chain of RCF Fertilizers
110 Brand Image and Consumer Behavior Towards RCF At Satara Dist.
111 Research on Alternative Credit
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