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Students Projects

MBA – EE [2021-23]

Sr. No.

Project Title

1 Carbon Financing, ESG Framework, Opportunity Mapping
2 Studying and Mapping Energy Consumption Practices
3 Corporate Sustainability and ESG Framework Development
4 Impact Investments and Carbon Credits
5 Project Sustainability Measurement Model
6 Research, Analysis and Content Writing
7 General Management Intern
8 State Energy Efficiency Action Plan, PQM, Energy Advisory
9 Industrial Decarbonization Through Green Hydrogen
10 Corporate Sustainability & GHG Inventory Accounting Strategy
11 Preparing Response to DISI Reporting
12 LCI Development of Fashion Industry
13 Business Development and Carbon Credits
14 Road Safety Checklist Preparation, Content Writing
15 BRSR And Sustainability Reporting
16 Energy Assessment Through Energy Audit
17 Design of Sustainable Supply Chain Framework
18 Business Development and Carbon Credits
19 Developing Sustainability Rating System
20 Research Related to Sustainable Development
21 GRI Reporting and Enhancing ESG In the Supply Chain
22 Sustainability Consulting Portfolio Development & Business Strategy
23 Research Report on Sustainable Finance Products
24 Second Life Assessment of EV Batteries
25 Annual, ESG Reporting & Communication
26 Fire and Safety Audit
27 Providing Technological Solutions for Industrial Wastes.
28 Marketing Plan Report for Product Launch
29 Questionnaire on ISO Standards
30 Sustainability Reporting and ESG Communication
31 Strategies to Net-Zero Energy & Water
32 Annual, ESG, IR Reporting & Communication
33 Content Strategy, Client Relations & Project Management
34 LCI Development of Cosmetic Industry
35 Business Development
36 Environment Status Report of Pune
37 Project Sustainability Measurement Model
38 Expansion and EPC Partnership
39 Providing Technological Solution for Industrial Wastes
40 Project Sustainability Measurement Model
41 Providing Technological Solution for Industrial Wastes
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