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Student Projects

MBA – AB [2021-23]

Sr. No.

Project Title

1 To Evaluate the Growth Potential of Avancer Glow in Broadacre Crops with Specific Reference to Rice
2 Lead Generation for Agriculture Drone Services and Commercialization Analysis of Biofortified Crops
3 Sales Forecasting Technique Optimization for Coco Outlets and Product Return Minimization
4 Studying the Distribution Channel and Competitive Analysis of CP Easy Snack
5 Studying Expenditure Pattern in Rural Raigad & Nashik District
6 Basmati Rice
7 Brand Image and Consumer Behavior Towards RCF At Satara District
8 Building A Sustainable Delivery Model, Improvements in Framework of Logistics
9 Climate Change and Expansion
10 Impact Assessment of Interventions Done by Agencies
11 Creating A Marketing Plan for Rural Food Products
12 Customer Engagement Program and Selling Price Model
13 Database Management
14 Demand Supply Study of A Few of the Major Nutrients and Study of SPN
15 Developing Scalable Business Model for Carbon Farming
16 Market Research on Raigad's Community Response to Development Programs.
17 Digital Consumption and Transaction Behavior of Farmer
18 Digital Promotions
19 Driving Behavioral Change in Sweet lime Farmers to Accept Grade Wise Pricing
20 E- Mail Marketing and Content Management
21 E-Commerce in Agri Input Industry
22 Enhancing B2b Customer Experience with Cp Chicken
23 New Business Plan Development - Organic Input and Output Marketplace and Credit & Insurance Platform for Farmers
24 Exponential Organization
25 Fungicide Spray Schedule and Scope in Apple Crop Regarding the Transformation of HDP
26 How We Can Improve Raag Gold Sales in Konkan Region
27 ICMS (Internal Control Systems Management)
28 Impact Generation and Grant Programmes
29 Importance of Brand and Marketing Communication Strategy in Livestock Feed Industry.
30 Last Mile Delivery Optimization
31 Inventory Management
32 Inventory Tracing and Total Dump Reduction
33 Mango Demand (Supply Chain)
34 Market Research on UPL’s Pronutiva Package in Gujarat Region
35 Market Research Related to The Launch of Spices, Lentils and Rice in The UAE Market from India
36 Market Survey Linked with Lead Generation for Ai And IOT Based Automated Irrigation System
37 Market Research and Marketing
38 Operations Efficiency
39 Partnership Possibilities Between Raigad Farmers (Dairy, Meat, F&V) And Market Players (Market Linkage)
40 Practices Followed in Agriculture Value Chain Financing; A Global Study with Specific Focus on South Asia
41 Product Promotional Techniques & Impact on Conversion at Farmer Level
42 Market Research and Directory Update of Fertilizer Companies in The Potato Sector
43 Study of Agro Chemical Market in Tea and Recommend Go-To Market Strategy
44 SHG Cluster Study and Development
45 Supply Chain of RCF Fertilizers
46 To Understand the Fodder Segment in Punjab & Haryana
47 To Understand the Market Potential of Juniper Fungicide and Identify Key Tactical Parameters to Increase Its Delivery
48 Vegetable Business Dynamics
49 Winning Pune Market - Increasing Fortune Sunflower & Soyabean Oil Sales in Pune
50 To Develop A Strategy to Increase the Sales Of ‘Raag Gold’ Palm Oil in Konkan Region
51 Inventory Management
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