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MBA in Agribusiness Management

India ranks second worldwide in farm output. Agriculture and allied sectors like forestry and fishing which accounts for 13.9% of the GDP continues to be the mainstay of the Indian economy. Food is the crowning need of mankind and much emphasis is laid on commercializing agricultural production. Hence, adequate production and even distribution of food has lately become a global concern. It has led to the emergence of colleges offering MBA Agribusiness college in India.

Agriculture has long been seen as a sector with tremendous potential in India. In the last few years, the sector has seen an unprecedented gain with several government and private sector initiatives. This, coupled with changing global norms such as the WTO rulings and increased global competitiveness, invites a tremendous need for professional courses in Agribusiness Management, and makes it one of the most challenging and exciting sectors to be in, either as a professional or as an entrepreneur. The MBA in Agribusiness Management Programme is thus a response to this growing need for professionals, who can contribute to, and engineer the agribusiness revolution. In fact, SIIB is recognized as one of the best agri business management colleges in India.

The MBA in Agribusiness Management program broadly covers Marketing, (emphasis on rural marketing and retail management) Finance, (emphasis on micro finance, commodity trading and lending and risk management) Supply Chain Management, (logistics in retail) and Taxation. It also details all the relevant and applicable fields of Agriculture and WTO, Agri-export-import and Agricultural Finance.

Moreover, at SIIB, one of the leading MBA Agribusiness colleges in India, a student pursuing an MBA in Agri Business possesses a high level of decision making skills, and can go out confidently into the demanding and dynamic world of Agri Business Management.

As they say the farmer works the soil, the manager works the produce.

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