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Guest Lecture by Mr. Pranav Prasoon

Guest Lecture Title: "Resilience – Bouncing back in tough times"

Date of Conduct: 18th July, 2020

Duration: 2.5 hours

Speaker’s Name & Designation:

Mr. Pranav Prasoon, Head of Human Resources, Renault India

HOD/Concerned Faculty Head: Miss Anuja Zanzad

Batch: Batch 2020-22 and 2019-21

No of students present: 210+

Short Synopsis of the Workshop:

Mr. Prasoon shared insights back from his days when he was in Army training, where he learnt the art of decision making and how fearlessness helped him in making correct decisions. He emphasized that we should inculcate the attitude of a warrior and tackle our fears. With tough times prevailing at the moment, his advice would surely help us sail through this smoothly. Mr. Pranav shared insights about the difficulties he encountered in his life and how it helped him in making better decisions.  This session was not only on the basis of work, but it went beyond that. It was an intriguing session where students were actively involved and engaged with the speaker in regards to solving challenges post COVID. Giving his own experience, his own personal touch, it has helped students get a reality check of what life is really all about. He concluded the lecture with an interactive Q&A session and solving the doubts of students about the session.

Student’s Feedback:

  1. “Mr. Pranav Prasoon's session on resilience and perseverance struck a note with the audience, and his book recommendations seem interesting." - Janine Chatterjee, MBA-IB, Batch 2020-2022
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