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Orientation and Pedagogy

  • The approach adopted at SIIB seeks to empower the students to harness their potential strengths and to emerge as positive, well-informed and confident individuals.
  • The design of the course is rigorous, requiring intensive application. The quantum of activities continuous evaluation, self-study, assignments, numerous group and individual projects and presentations, deadlines for assignments  ensure that time management skills are developed.
  • There is a fine blend of theoretical and practical inputs through faculty drawn from the industry, to ensure that students are industry ready in their chosen functional areas.
  • Active participation in various activities ensures excellent people management and organizational skills.
  • Organization of regular guest lectures and workshops by industry practitioners help enhance industry student interactions.
  • Live projects and group exercise as an internal part of the course work brings in much desired relevance to the learning process.
  • Student driven co-curricular and extra-curricular activities gives enormous opportunities for out of the class learning.
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