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MBA IB Batch 2017-19, in association with Markadiction, the Marketing Club of SIIB, organized the annual Marketing Fair on Wednesday, 27 September 2017. This year it was called “Markex 2017- Meeting Market Realities”.

The annual Marketing Fair is conceptualized as a platform where students will be getting hands-on experience in marketing and sales of products/services. The event sees active participation from IB students from across the batch. This year too was no exception.

Markex 2017 saw a good mix of food stalls, service offerings, entertainment stalls and gift item stalls. The event saw a large footfall of visitors from within SIIB including Dr. Asmita Chitnis, Director – SIIB and other faculty and students. Dr. Chitnis, visited all stall and interacted with the “sellers”. She offered constructive feedback to the students in order to make their offerings more attractive for the customer as well as to make them more profitable for the seller. Other faculty and students too actively took part in the event.

The event was a resounding success as all groups not only managed to have fun and learning but also managed to make profits from their ventures.