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The SIFT library which was inaugurated in 1992 is today recognized as the SIIB library and is considered an integral part of all academic activities.
Over the years the library has managed to built-up a wonderful collection of more than 16000 books relevant to each subject which is being taught at the institute. With a subscription to over 100 well-known periodicals the library has become a one stop destination for any reference material as well as management books.

All the functions of SIIB Library are being done through computerized process. The member of the library has access to more than 40,000 E-Journals, more than 7 E-Databases and more than 100000 E-Books through SIU Library portal. Library has memberships of some well-known organizations like, MCCIA, AIMS, APICS, SHRM and NHRD ect.

Library Location

The library is located on the 1st floor of the SIIB campus.

Working Hours

Monday to Saturday - 8.30 am to 8.30 pm.
Sunday - 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
Issue & Return timings - Monday to Saturday: 9.00 am to 5.30 pm
Sunday: No Issue & Return
On Govt. Holidays and festivals Library remain closed on prior notice.


  1. CAS (Current Awareness Service):

    SIIB Library provides current events and news by sending current articles which contain news and events in the different areas, through scanning the same to all students, faculty and staff of SIIB. We call this best practice as ‘Current Knowledge’.

    All newly arrived books are displayed on the open rack at the stack room under the heading ‘New Arrivals’.


    Under the Gallery of ‘HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?’ in the Library, Library keep unutilized books on the separate rack, so that students / faculty can catch to read these unutilized books.

  3. Circulation:

    Each user is provided with 4 Library cards for issue of books & back dated issues of periodicals. Library book / Journal can be issued for 7 days period. After that if needed student can extend the home lending period.

  4. ILL (Inter Library Loan):

    Students can have access to the ILL facility from the sister institutes of Hinjavadi Campus – SCIT & SCMHRD. Students can issue a book or Journal from any of the Library from this campus on her/ his Library Card.

Collection and Resources

As mentioned previously the library boasts of a truly vast collection which consists of books, back volumes of periodicals, Annual Company Reports, Online databases, e-journals, CD ROMs, audio cassettes, all of which have open access, while the reference books are preserved in closed stacks and made available only on request.


The books are arranged in a user friendly manner which grants easy access to our users. By using the Web OPAC facility one may find the availability status and exact location of a book.

Display of new books

All the new books are put on display on every Monday, for the duration of a week on an open rack in the library so as to notify the users of their presence and availability. They can be borrowed after the display period gets over.

Reference book collections

Reference books include encyclopaedias, dictionaries, and some rare and important and out of print books, which must be referred to only in the Reading Room. Reference books can only be taken out with prior permission.

Current Periodicals

The library subscribes to over a hundred periodicals, which are bifurcated as journals and magazines and are arranged alphabetically in the Reading Room. No current periodical can be taken outside the library without permission.

Back Volumes of Periodicals

The back volumes of periodicals are kept at the backside of the stack room and can be issued outside the library.

Non-book collections

Books aren’t the only items in the library. The library also has a huge collection of other important data in the form of company reports, annual publications by corporates and an equally well compiled electronic collection.

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