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Report on Initiatives of Change, Panchagani

Initiatives of Change (IoC) is a world-wide movement of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, who are committed to the transformation of society through changes in human motives and behavior, starting with their own.

The 2017-2019 Batch recently attended the IOC in the last week of February, 2018.

The journey began early morning from Symbiosis InfoTech Campus. The journey ended in the beautiful campus of Asia Plateau in Panchgani. The volunteers, who were guiding us, introduced themselves and gave a look into the life they have lived at Asia Plateau. There were a few songs sung by the volunteers as a welcome to the students of SIIB. The sessions of the day were based on teaching of basic values and morals, the India-I care session focused on our moral social responsibility as the citizens of this beautiful nation. Family group concept was introduced which included a number of people in a group in order to share any thoughts or feelings that could not be heard in the gathered large audiences. These family groups acted as a medium for students to share personal emotions and seek for a solution. The day ended early on a note of mint tea and biscuits and an excited feeling looking forward to the next day’s early morning activities.

Over the course of three days, the students had an early morning session to take a pause from the busy schedule of the MBA curriculum and to reflect on their lives. There were many exercises suggested by the mentors, and they encouraged the students to make notes of every feeling that was felt by them in the serene morning beauty of Asia Plateau. The mentors of the IOfC program took workshops on motivation, inner development, soul nurture and others to create a sense of awareness within our inner-self and to promote humility towards others and for the country. We also visited a nearby village ‘Grampari’ where organic farming is practiced and new technologies are developed to help famers and generate employment around the vicinity. A hike up to the table top was a thrilling experience and a great exercise, the view was a sigh worth seeing. Also, every evening- fifteen minutes were dedicated for silence session in the auditorium with soothing music to calm the minds and rejuvenate the mental energy and emotional wellbeing. The workshop on ‘Appreciation’ saw everyone take part with enthusiasm; it helped realize that the smallest bit of appreciation could help develop a greater self-appreciation and confidence. The show of talent put up by the students was a delight to watch and it showed hidden talents of music, dance and comedy which were much appreciated by the audience.

The last day began with a multi faith prayer in the morning, followed by a workshop on figuring out the ‘road less travelled’ in the lives of the students. Lunch was served with applause of gratitude to all the members of the kitchen for their delicious meals and for their helping hand in wash up.

Initiatives of Change left the students with a sense of revival and acceptance towards the changes that are in the way of life.

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