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Each year a batch of vibrant individuals joins SIIB with a dream to make it big someday. SIIB provides a salubrious platform for them to nurture their dreams and work towards the manifestation of the same. This year, the incoming batch of 2017-2019 took audience and the entire auditorium was decorated with energetic, vibrant, and anxious faces of students and parents alike. The induction for the MBA batch of 2017-2019 kick-started on June 01st with thought provoking addresses by Mr. Rajeev Varman, CEO of Burger King India Private Limited, Mr. Navin Chandani, ‎Chief Business Development Officer -, Dr Vidya Yeravdekar, Principal Director – Symbiosis Society, and Dr Rajani Gupte, Vice Chancellor – SIU.

The session began with lighting the lamp, and Dr Asmita Chitnis, Director – SIIB, welcoming the esteemed panellists, parents, and the batch of 2017-2019to the institute in the 25th year of SIIB’s inception. She gave an overview of what the coming two years have in store for them, and assured the parents of the security and safety of their ward.

This was followed by an address from Dr Rajani Gupte, Vice Chancellor – SIU, who played a pivotal role in establishing the brand SIIB and also held the position of director from 2002 to 2012. Dr Gupte emphasised on the opportunities that the ever changing world throws at us and how one should keep their eyes and ears open to grab these opportunities from both hands. She also listed the leaps that technology has made and the importance of reading and being updated to keep ourselves from going obsolete.

Dr Vidya Yeravdekar, Principal Director – Symbiosis Society, warmly welcomed the batch of 2017-2019 and their parents to the symbiosis family. She laid emphasis on the importance of networking in this day and age, as she listed out the ample opportunities that Symbiosis as an organization provides to each of the Symbiosis student. Dr Vidya Yeravdekar advised the students to keep interacting with other students who come from different cultures, nations, and family backgrounds in order to imbibe the Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam motto of Symbiosis in reality.

The bright young minds were fortunate as they got the unprecedented chance to be audience to esteemed guests gracing the institute with their presence on their very first day on campus.

Mr. Varman brought to the crowd key lessons which could be implemented not only during the course of one’s MBA degree but even throughout the remainder of one’s professional career. He emphasized on three core areas - Hunger, Humility and Hard work. While talking about hunger he explained that satisfaction only leads to stagnation and it is only when we are in uncomfortable situations do we actually learn something new, he said it is the sense of urgency that actually helps propel our career ahead, while talking about humility he stated that arrogance only shuts off ones senses, and most importantly the learning ceases. Lastly and most importantly he shared a very important aspect about hard work, that when one is intrinsically motivated one works hard and at his very best! And last but not the least he kept telling the students to – dream big!

Mr. Navin Chandani,SIIB’S very own alumnus, kept it succinct, simple and impactful. He repeatedly stated that one must never get deterred when it comes to experimenting with new things and that it is absolutely okay to fail provided one gets up and moves forward again, with even more determination, there is always a tomorrow and one can always try once again. He went on to explain that when one has a dream one needs to be tenacious towards executing necessary action in order to realise his/her dream, it is about waking up the next day and taking action towards it.

It was a indeed an impactful session that left all the students with many key take aways in its wake and gave them a lot to think about, it was a great start to the beginning of their two year MBA journey at SIIB.

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