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Independence Day Celebration 2017

Independence Day Celebration 2017

Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB) organized India’s 71st Independence Day at Symbiosis Infotech Campus (SIC) on 15th August, 2017. This year also marks the 75th anniversary of Quit India Movement. The event commemorated by tricolor flag hoisting by Dr. Asmita Chitnis – Director, SIIB, followed by national anthem.

Dr. Asmita Chitnis addressed the gathering by wishing everyone a happy Independence Day and urged to contribute to the nation in any capacity as one can. She stressed upon the fact that social networks are new ways of communication and overuse of the same is rendering the youth impatient while deterring them away from their goals. She said that we evaluate ourselves on the basis of how others define or rate us. She concluded by saying that instead of wasting our energy on over-socializing, we should try to help poor and destitute sections of the society and focus on achieving our ultimate goals.

Col. P.L. Kadam, Campus Administrator of SIC, was elated to be a part of new India which has been making giant strides in the fields of Globalization, Innovations, Technology, Anti-Corruption, etc. He was optimistic about the future of our nation with the youth being major catalyst to it. He recalled his days in Kashmir and shared memories of heart-wrenching braveries of our soldiers which sent chills down our spine. He ended his speech by instilling a new sense of inspiration and valor among the students.

The event was followed by unveiling book on security training published by Dalvi Group. The security personnel and staffof SIC were felicitated for performing their duties diligently. I-Beats, the dance crew of SIIB performed enthusiastically with patriotic fervor. Members of Richman & Co – the musical band of SIIB, sang along the rhythm of patriotic spirit. The event concluded with distribution of sweets among children and balloon release near the academic block of SIC. It was due to the combined efforts put forth by faculties, staff and students which made this event a grand success and instilled a perennial sense of patriotism amongst each one of us.

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