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Ignisense 2019

With the resounding success of Ignisense this year, the fest has completed a decade defined by its unique proposition of delivering both competitiveness and unabashed celebration to the otherwise dreary lives of students. Continuing with the trend of being bigger and better with every passing year, Ignisense 2019 was an unabashed celebration of the youthful vigour and talent that resides within the teeming crowds attending it. The three day extravaganza unravelled and unfurled itself like the phoenix that is its spirit animal.

Beginning with delightfully melodious performance by our resident musicians and the Band Raahi, the talented students set alight the stage with their sheer passion. The evening headed towards its crescendo, as the musical virtuoso and the star performer of the night, Arjun Kanungo enthralled and enraptured the audience with both soulful ballads and foot tapping numbers that had the attendees swaying and grooving to his beats.

Ignisense being a b-school fest, saw multitudes of eager young minds pour into campus from all over the country to participate in the various managements Events that had been organised. A brief overview of them is given below.

Thousand Faces - An event which gives one the opportunity to prove their mettle as a multi-faceted manager and who is ready to conquer the corporate roadblocks paving the way.

The Imitation Game - A unique platform which tests one’s decision making, strategic thinking, financial and market analytic skills and also, where one has to be prepared to take on comprehensive decisions. The Capitalist - A lifetime opportunity for all the aspiring Warren Buffet-s. It is the place where one had to prove that he/she is equally street smart and technologically sharp.

Prastaav - A national level B-Plan competition, a platform to challenge your entrepreneurship skills and the best stage to bring out the Entrepreneur amongst aspiring individuals.

Synergy - An event for the emerging managers to fight amongst the best in sustainable development in the country and come up with an innovative solution to help us build a synergized future.

The utopian carnival ended on an exhilarating note, as the sporty youngsters and teams vied to lift the trophy at the cricket tournament organised on the third and final day.

Ignisense 2019 Event at SIIB
Ignisense 2019 Event at SIIB
Ignisense 2019 Event at SIIB
Ignisense 2019 Event at SIIB
Ignisense 2019 Event at SIIB
Ignisense 2019 Event at SIIB
Ignisense 2019 Event at SIIB
Ignisense 2019 Event at SIIB
Ignisense 2019 Event at SIIB
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