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HR-Workshop on HR Analytics - 12th August 2017

Workshop by Ms. Nupur Ray (Bajaj Allianz), 12th August 2017
‘HR Analytics’

The workshop on “HR Analytics” on 12th August, 2017 was organized by Department of Human Resource in Symbiosis Institute of International Business, Pune.

HR Analytics has become inevitable for the growth and development of new and emerging scenarios of Human Resources. The agenda and discussion of the workshop revolved around the areas of Future of HR Analytics, Mapping of HR Analytics with other domains of HR, HR Analytics as a solution, HR Analytics Processes and HR Analytics at the Workplace.

Topics such as Predictive Analytics, HRIS, Strategic HR, HR Portfolio and HR Dashboard won the focus of the discussion in the workshop. Deep insights were shared as to how Concepts like Ontime Hire, Candidate experience, Standardized Quality Hire, 30:60:80 rule and diversity would affect HR Portfolio and Analytics in whole. The discussion also covered facets of Organizational Design which majorly talks about Hierarchy, Roles, Productivity, Span, Cost and not people. The workshop ended with the nuances on Automation in the field of HR which is going to change the definition of HR in a drastic way, henceforth. The main culprits being Gamification, Robotics and Machine Learning.

The HR batch, 2016-18 made the workshop a great success by asking insightful questions to the speaker. The workshop benefited all the participants and everyone had amazing takeaways from the same.

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