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HR WORKSHOP - 24th June 2017


  • Tackling HR Challenges in the industry/start-ups during the growing stage
  • HR strategies in Areas - Strategy and Business acumen, HR Technologies, HR and Workforce Analysis

Mr. Vaibhav Aphle

The HR Workshop series for the year 2017-2018 began on 24th June 2017, with Mr. Vaibhav Aphle gracing the session. The session started off with him, asking each one of us about our summer internship experiences and learning, the exposure to various profiles and so on. He also revisited his previous session with us, followed by pointing out how important it is to learn and unlearn things in corporate life. To be at par with the competitors, it is extremely essential to know what policies are followed by the competitors during its course. Performance Management System plays a significant role here. He particularly stressed on the fact that it is important to take ownership of your career to climb up the corporate ladder. Employee Engagement also has been a prime factor to determine the attrition rates in companies. He also went in depth, explaining the various HR Functions, followed by him asking us whether the batch had anything in store so that he could throw some light on the same. The session concluded with him mentioning the relevance of knowing your business, which includes stake holders, business partners and so on.

HR Workshop series - SIIB Pune

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