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With immense pleasure and bliss, Entrepreneurship Cell laid the inaugural event for the year 2016-17 “Happy Pile” which was held on August 15, 2016. Happy Pile was a mini-fair where participants where provided with a platform to set up their stalls which could cash their ideas. It was a complete commixture of music, fun, games swaddled with sprouting entrepreneurial ideas. The entire premise and the ideology behind the event was to encourage the budding entrepreneurial spirit among the students and give fuel to their ideas, which Happy Pile was marginally successful in achieving

It started post the Independence Day Celebrations in Symbiosis Infotech Campus at 10 am and winded up at around 3pm .There were diverse stalls to attract the participants as per their area of interests. There were a total of 6 teams who participated in the event. There was a jewellery and handicraft stall, another was organic perfumes. Games like musical chair and quiz attracted crowd. The USP of the event was hidden in the fact that with such minimal facilities and capital backup, the teams were quite successful in generating substantial revenues and proved their mettle.

There was break through musical performance by students and the euphony resonated the environment. With its first entry on the floor, people really enjoyed being part of it. A positive feedback to add into it, Happy Pile was a real success with the students demanding its second version already.