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Guest Session on Gender Equality & Sensitivity by Renuka Mukadam

Guest Lecture Title: Gender equality and sensitivity

Date of Conduct: 7th January, 2020

Duration: 1hr

Speaker’s Name: Mrs. Renuka Mukadam

HOD/Concerned Faculty Head: Dr. Sandip Solanki

Batch: Batch 2019-21 

No of students present: 120+

Short Synopsis of the Workshop:


On the 7th of January, SIIB hosted a guest lecture on Gender Equality conducted by Ms. Renuka Mukadam for the Batch of 2019-21. The session started with the screening of a video that spoke about the gender stereotypes which are attached to different job roles. With gender equality and inclusion being the two buzzwords of the industry, there is more stress on workplaces being more inclusive, about the different gender identities and promoting the need for a more equitable gender space. The imaging about gender is often formed at a very early age and the need exists to eliminate those in children during their childhood. She discussed how although the number of women gaining an education is almost the same as the number of men whereas the number of women rising the corporate ladder in terms of their role in management and administration decreases sharply as they go up the professional pyramid. She spoke about how companies are working hard to change the existing scenario for women in the workplace such as introducing paternity leaves, arranging for day-care services at work, coordinating night shifts in a way that allows women to work in those shifts. Yet the number of highly qualified professional women dropping out of work for various reasons has been very high in India. Many universities are getting involved in gender audits trying to look into reasons as to why the participation figures aren’t as equitable for men and women in terms of opportunities. She proceeded to speak about the difference between equality and equity. She discussed some research studies that took place around the world focusing on gender inequality - how on face value, the participation of women seems equitable but research data shows a clear discriminatory trend favoring men. Finally, she concluded by saying that gender sensitization is an ongoing process that requires us to concentrate on accommodating people with diverse gender identities and sexual orientations.


Any 2 students’ feedback:

  1. “Overall the session was quite informative and addressed the importance of developing breaking gender stereotypes”- Shivangi Singh

MBA, Agri Business Business, Batch 2019-2021.


  1. “The workship was very eye-opening and helped everyone understand the true meaning of equality and equity”- Kshtijj Sachdeva, 

MBA, International Business, Batch 2019-2021.


Overall Feedback: It was a very enlightening and lively session which gave the students

insight on how they could be more gender sensitive and aware about the growing importance of equality in workplace.