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Guest Lecture by Mr. J.V. Ratnam

Date: 10th September, 2019

A guest lecture by Mr. J.V. Ratnam was held at SIIB on the 10th of September 2019, for the students of MBA – Agri Business, Batch 2019-21. Mr. Ratnam is currently working as the Vice President of Premier Irrigation Agritech. The topic in discussion for this session was “Micro-irrigation”. The session started with Mr. Ratnam giving the students a quick introduction about his childhood and how he ventured into the field of Agriculture and further into the seed and irrigation industry. He then discussed about the various opportunities in the sector of irrigation and micro-irrigation in India. He also talked about the various factors affecting this field and the challenges that the industry is currently facing. Mr. Ratnam shared his insights about how various industries work in the real world and why it is important for people to maintain their integrity and ethics. He told the students about good management practices and how one can excel in life by being focused and passionate about one’s goals. The interactive session then moved on to Mr. Ratnam sharing some interesting anecdotes from his life when he was a part of Dow AgroSciences and Advanta Seeds Pvt. Ltd. The guest lecture ended with an interactive question-answer session with the students. Overall, it was a very enlightening and enriching for the batch and the students got to know a lot more the new and upcoming field of micro-irrigation.

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