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Aarambh 2016

Aarambh Event at SIIB

SIIB is known for being a facilitator in holistic development of students. Continuing the tradition of SIIB, this year too “Aarambh” marked the beginning of the academic year.

The event laid the perfect foundation for the incoming batch as it gave them a first hand experience of working in teams and develop student relations. This year the junior batch 2016-18 put up a marvelous show highlighting their skills and talent. A total of 14 acts were presented including a band, group and solo dances, stand up comedy and fashion show. Diversity is core to the SIIB vision and it was truly reflected in performances showcasing a mix blend of cultures, right from south Indian dances to Garba, Bhangra and Assamese folk song, leaving the audience awestruck.

Aarambh, not only acted as an ice-breaking event, but also proved to be a great learning experience. It was a fun filled afternoon, which was enjoyed by all members of the institution. The event does justice to the SIU mission of promoting education through cultural integration.

Aarambh Event at SIIB
Aarambh Event at SIIB
Aarambh Event at SIIB
Aarambh Event at SIIB
Aarambh Event at SIIB
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