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AAROHAN conclave of SIIB

SIIB concludes yet another conclave. This time, it was Supply Chain Management driven “AAROHAN”. After a successful launch of “AAROHAN” in 2013, it was held again on 23rd August 2015. This year the theme of the conclave was “Make in India” where Supply Chain Management plays a colossal role. The organizing team had put a lot of effort, working meticulously for months to make it a grand success. It was held for a week where on-line and off-line pre-events were conducted such as “Aakash Vani”, “Muquader Ka Sikander”, “Lie To Me”, “Beg Borrow Steal”. They all have been received admirably by the students. There was one last event that took place called “SCMAESTRO” in which students from premier B-schools such as SIBM PUNE, K. J. Somaiya, Welingkar Mumbai and others participated enthusiastically.

On the D-day, we witnessed a torrent of key speakers from different domains of Supply Chain Management.

The conclave hosted the following esteemed and seasoned guests:

  1. Mr G.K.Pillai, MD and CEO of Walchandnagar Industries.
  2. Mr Venkat Pampatwar, Head of India Operations, Essar steel.
  3. Mr Aashish Sonwalker, COO of Textrade.
  4. Mr Praful Talera, MD of Dynamics Logistics.
  5. Mr Ved R. Tiwari, GM purchase, SKF.
  6. Mr Aman Sinha, DGM, Mahle Behr Group.

The session kicked-off with Mr G.K.Pillai’s fascinating address, who shared his 40 years of experience with the students. He had not only talked about his experience in steel industry but also how the government plays its key role in Make in India and what can be done to make it a triumph. Then we had Mr Venkat Pampatwar on the stage, who also had thrown some light on the value of having efficient supply chain and the challenges that are being faced by Make in India. Then the session was taken forward by other esteemed guests, who have contributed immensely. The sort of exposure given by the speakers showed how cardinal Make in India initiative is.

The whole session turned out to be quite enthralling and informative. Certainly, the students have taken away a lot of pragmatic aspects out of it. AAROHAN has just embarked its journey and it has a lot to offer in the future. Definitely, we are eagerly looking forward for the next year’s AAROHAN.

AAROHAN conclave of SIIB
AAROHAN conclave of SIIB
AAROHAN conclave of SIIB
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