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HR Workshop - 1st July 2017


  • Emotional Intelligence and its significance.
  • Dealing with Crucial and difficult conversations.


  • Mrs Swati Ghan
  • HR (Talent Management), Harbinger

Brief Glimpse of the workshop:

With Talent Gap accentuating in today’s time because of the split between campus and corporate, workshops and guest lectures by industry experts prove to be fillers.

So the second HR workshop at SIIB was graced by Mrs Swati Ghan from Harbinger. The session took off by discussing about talent gap. It revolved around saying that Talent gap is because of attitude and not education. Also the speaker touched upon the topic of millennials to explain it further. As a part of the discussion on emotional intelligence she stressed on how communication takes place at work. She talked about various HR initiatives at Harbinger like O3 (one to ones), SAP Success factors for internal communication and a few others. Further she stressed upon importance of vocabulary and the Response v/s Reaction mechanism which emotionally intelligent people develop.

Various videos showing scenarios where EI was used which showed that the consequences were far better than in its absence. Also, short case studies were open for discussion. The session gave a clearer idea of how EI can be executed and what benefits does it carry.

HR Workshop at SIIB

HR Workshop at SIIB

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