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Semester Exchange Program with Sheffield Hallam University [SHU], UK

Being one of the UK’s most progressive and innovative universities, Sheffield Hallam is a multicultural institution with a vibrant and diverse student population consisting of over 4,000 international students from 120 different countries.
The Sheffield Hallam University, located in the city of Sheffield, is the fourth largest in the UK with more than 33,000 students, 4,360 staff and 572 courses.
In the year 2011, SIIB started a semester exchange program with Sheffield Hallam University, UK, with an objective to add an international dimension to the MBA – International Business program.
Under this program, the selected students spend one full semester in a Master’s degree program at Sheffield Hallam University, UK. The study involves a mixture of knowledge-based learning through classroom sessions and skills-based learning through projects and group assignments.
This semester exchange program gives international exposure to the students and equips them to face the world as future global managers.