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Beyond Academics

At Symbiosis Institutes, restricting the students to an academics only approach is against the tradition. We at, Symbiosis Institute of International Business, use a balanced approach of academics with extra-curricular activities. This break from study routine at regular intervals is an excellent way to rejuvenate the students. Students get to enjoy and learn through various activities beyond the class-rooms as well. Even before starting the session with the new batch we provide them an opportunity to interact with their peers and fasten the seat belts before the journey begins - by taken taking them on an outbound session to the beautiful locales in the Sahyadhari Mountains. After a gruelling Academic year, we again involve them in a program called 'Initiatives of Change'. Apart from this there are several activities that run through-out the year for the overall development of the students. Many Events are arranged by students, Events that add value to your personality dynamism. Also there are many "Optional Extra Curricular Activities" such as "Liberal Arts-I (Dramatics), Liberal Arts-II (Music), Community Development and many more from which student has to choose. Such Activities, Events explore & refine many new personas BEYOND ACADEMICS.

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