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Event Date : 21st Aug 2020

Event Venue : Virtual event on Google Meet platform

Event Time : 6 pm to 7pm

Attendance : 180+

Sponsor : MBATrek

Event Agenda :

  1. To celebrate World Entrepreneurship Day with SIIB students
  2. Launch our annual magazine “Anthahprerna 4.0”
  3. To pitch our sponsor as a knowledge partner of E-cell SIIB
  4. To play a business game named “B-WEB” with the students. The game will add knowledge about various entrepreneurs, brands, companies, etc.

Event Description :

The event started with a motivating speech of Prof. Suchitra Jha (HOD Marketing & Head of E-cell SIIB) on entrepreneurship, emphasizing on the importance of possessing entrepreneurial mindset and skills to experience a successful career. Following the speech our annual magazine on entrepreneurship named “Anthahprerna 4.0” was unveiled by Suchitra ma’am. Then a video of our title sponsor MBATrek was played and our sponsor was pitched as a knowledge partner of E-cell SIIB.

Thereafter we started the B-WEB game which lasted for around 30 minutes. The game was about entrepreneur names, brand names and interesting facts about various businesses. The students had to scratch out from their B-Web card images of entrepreneur/logo/brand shown on the screen and ultimately the person whose B-Web card gets scratch out first emerges as the winner. Everyone enjoyed the event thoroughly and acknowledged various brands, entrepreneurs and companies during the event.

Our Sponsor and knowledge partner MBATrek also offered free course to all the students who participated in the B-WEB game and the three winners of the game were given a special course as their prize.

Event Image :

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