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In this fickle world where things change at a pace faster than the speed of light, we constantly search for a constant, the proverbial northern star. Over the years a lot has changed but the only thing that has remained constant for SIIB is its stellar Alumni base, our goodwill ambassadors representing the brand SIIB globally.

As has been SIIB tradition each year Alumni from all the three courses, namely, International Business (IB), Agri Business (AB), and Energy & Environment (E&E) interact with the incoming batches. This year Mr Sanjeev Kumar, 2000-2002 MPIB batch alumnus, Mr Sourabha Nadipuram, 2003-2005 MPIB batch alumnus, Mr Prashant Vichare, 2004-2006 MBA – AB batch alumnus, and Mr Sachin Kothawade, 2009-2011 MBA – E&E batch alumnus graced the occasion with their presence and put countless queries of the incoming batch to rest.

The event started off with Dr Prakash Rao, Deputy Director –SIIB, felicitating the guests and greeting them on their homecoming. The batch of 2017-2019 took audience to the stellar alumni and was thoroughly enthralled.

Mr Sanjeev Kumar, Managing Director – Applied Optimization Pvt Ltd, and a 2000-2002 batch alumnus addressed the audience and shared memories from his time in college. He remarked the astounding difference between the SIIB infrastructures now and back in the year 2000 when it was situated at Model Colony, Atur Centre facility. He also pointed out the time students save due to the availability of all these facilities, and advised them to utilize this extra time by reading and keeping themselves updated. He also highlighted the need to identify and understand the difference between symptoms and causes. He also stressed on staying ahead of the curve to stay relevant in the coming times.

Mr Sourabha Nadipuram, Director – Sales – Johnson & Johnson, and a 2003-2005 batch alumnus kept the audience on their toes with his infectious energy. He introduced the incoming batch with his journey post MBA from SIIB and emphasised the need to build a network of friends that would stick to your side through thick and thin. He highlighted the need to unlearn what is unnecessary in order to learn what is required and advised the batch to never compromise on their value system. Mr Nadipuram broke the stress and anxiety of the incoming batch with his wit and humour. The entire batch thoroughly enjoyed his address and posed a lot of questions to which he replied with stories from his life and learnings that one should take out of them.

Mr Prashant Vichare, Senior Manager (Exports) – Mahindra Agri Solutions Ltd, and a 2004-2006 AB batch alumnus addressed the batch and enlisted numerous opportunities that are available to an MBA graduate in Agri Business in the corporate world. He made the batch aware of growth perspective in each of these domains and also highlighted the need for talent to satiate the available ample opportunities. Mr Vichare shared memories from his time in SIIB as his was the first batch to graduate as an MBA in agri business.

Mr Sachin Kothawade, Sales & Marketing specialist – Forbes Vyncke Pvt Ltd, and a 2009-2011 E&E batch alumnus addressed the batch and shared stories from his time at the institute. He urged the incoming to understand the difference between knowledge and wisdom, while knowledge can be acquired through books, magazines, and the internet, wisdom doesn’t follow easy. Mr Kothawade urged the students to be wise and keep faith in their instincts.

This was followed by a round of questions and answers, the incoming batch had numerous queries ranging from choice of their specializations to opportunities post MBA, from expectations of the corporate world to what should they expect from the corporate and from changing their field of interest a later stage in time to aspects of being an entrepreneur.

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