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Agrisummit 2019

Agrisummit the flagship event of SIIB Agri-Business management department of SIIB Pune was organized on the 23rd and 24th of August 2019. The theme for this year’s event was “Smart Farming: Innovation, Knowledge, and Outreach”.

The program started with the lightening of lamp by the hands of the prominent guest speakers and Dr. Asmita Chitnis, Director of SIIB followed by a felicitation ceremony. On this auspicious occasion, the 6th edition of the department’s official magazine “Agrozine” was also launched. The theme introduction was done by Mr. Sushant Malik, Assistant Professor, SIIB.

The introduction of the panel discussion was done by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan, Director & CEO, IACG with him, briefing the crowd about the event’s theme. The panel discussion was commenced by Mr. Sumeet Agarwal, Head, Portfolio, Syngenta. He talked about the innovation which could be brought to the end consumer about creating a self-sustainable market linkage.

The discussion was continued by Mr. Swanand Gudhate, Lead-precision Agriculture, Ideaforge Technology Pvt. Ltd. where he talked about UAV application & usages of drones in agriculture which are used for crop scouting/Mapping & spraying fertilizers. The next speaker for the day, was Mr. Santosh Gondhalekar, Director, Primove Engineering Pvt Ltd. Pune, who talked about biofuels made from biomass. He discussed bringing revolution in the bio-energy sector by using elephant grass.

The last speaker for the morning session was Mr. Ajay Mittal, lead IoT – Digital Farming Initiative, TCS. where he briefed about transforming rural India with pride by looking for the solutions to reach end-user farmers. He also talked about the collection of more agricultural data by using sensor setups to give more accurate advice.

The afternoon session started with the felicitation of this session’s guests and thereafter the launch of Leadership Series 2019. The session started with the success story of Kumar Bio seeds & Agro products LLP where they talked about their company’s business structure, distribution & product supply.

Continuing with the success stories of Agripreneurs, our next speaker was Mr. Hemant Ramhari Kalamkar, Avyukt Fertilizers. An alumnus of SIIB, he started his speech by defining smart farming and explaining all the aspects of smart farming. His speech was very enlightening and focusing on the fact that how right nutrients can affect the yield and how essential it is.

Our final guest for the day was Mr. Pankaj K. Dwivedi, Head of Sales and Agronomy, Agro Star Pvt. Ltd. He started his speech by focusing on two words i.e. Solving problems and deployment. AgroStar currently operates in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan and has over 5 Lakh farmers on its digital platform. Farmers in these states can avail Agri solutions for their entire crop life-cycle with a simple “missed call” or through its Android app, which is amongst the highest rated farming focused apps in the country.

 Mr. Pankaj K. Dwivedi guest of Agrisummit event SIIB
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