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Masters of Business Administration – International Business

The MBA–IB is an intensive programme specifically designed for a rewarding career in business management, globally. Students from diverse academic backgrounds like engineering, pharmacy, economics, mathematics, chartered accountancy, IT, and commerce, provide a vibrant tone to this unique and interactive program. The student is exposed to a wholesome blend of the theory and practices in business, both domestic and international. The first year creates the base for understanding business management through courses designed to take into account the varied backgrounds of the students. Core courses in International Business are spread over the two years to create a strong foundation, which is enhanced by specializations in the functional areas of Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain Management and HR from the second semester.

Specializations Offered

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Human Resource

Masters of Business Administration – Agri Business

Agriculture has long been seen as a sector with tremendous potential in India. In the last few years the sector has seen an unprecedented upsurge with several government and private sector initiatives. This development coupled with changing global norms such as the WTO rulings and increased global competitiveness stresses upon the fact that there is a tremendous need for professional courses in agribusiness management and this makes it one of the most challenging and exciting sectors to be in, either as a professional or as an entrepreneur. The MBA (AB) program is thus a response to this growing need for professionals who can contribute to and also engineer the agribusiness revolution.

Masters of Business Administration – Energy & Environment

Energy is at the core of all economic activity. Indeed, the pace of development of any country is determined by this crucial sector. To ensure sustainable development, it is imperative to understand the related environment issues such as climate change, loss of bio-diversity, ozone layer depletion etc. These are global issues and have been a key feature in all recent global debates. As an Institute of International Business, SIIB believes that strengthening and building capacity in this emerging sector is critical and thus we have taken the initiative to create young professionals who can be assets to organizations in this crucial sector - a sector whose importance will only grow, and grow at an amazing pace, in the years to come. This MBA – Energy & Environment program provides a judicious blend of theory and practice and thus prepares the applicant to meet contemporary global requirements.

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