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The Supply Chain Management Students of SIIB had their SCM Conclave Successfully titled- AAROHAN 2016!!!

SIIB held its annual Supply Chain Management Conclave, Aarohan on 31 st July, 2016 themed on “Sustainable Supply Chain”. The function began with the lighting of the lamp by the Director Dr. Asmita Chitnis and the guests- Padmashri Arun Firodia (Chairman, Kinetic Group), Mr. Vijay Lahare (PU Head Heavy Engines, MHEL), Dr. Waman Parkhi (Partner,KPMG), Mr. Sebin Thomas (Senior manager, Trent Hypermarket) and Mr. Vaibhav Nagarkar(Owner-‘Inspiration’).

After an introduction to the theme of the programme and the launch of the SCM journal, Mr.Firodia shared his thoughts on the subject. Drawing on his rich experience in the field, he gave the students a very practical view on the importance of sustainability in business and the scope for further improvements in the supply chain in order to make it more competitive and efficient. His insights provoked the inquisitive minds initiating a rich Question-Answer session.

To keep the students engaged, the Aarohan team broadcasted a video on “GST” which featured the views of not only the Director herself but also other eminent faculty of SIIB. A live panel discussion on “The Impact of GST on Supply Chain in India” moderated by Mr.Nagarkar gave the audience a comprehensive idea of the GST from different perspectives.The discussion covered several intricacies of the GST such as the impact of the tax on small scale industries, its effect on the GDP of the nation and the probable increase in the tax rate in the years to come.

At the end of the discussion, it was wonderful to see that there was a dearth of time but not questions. Aarohan ’16 not only unveiled the importance of Supply Chain Management to the aspiring managers of SIIB but also indicated the all-pervasiveness of the same.

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