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SIIB Celebrates International Yoga Day 2018

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." It is the path of harmony from illness to wellness. The International Yoga Day is being celebrated every year on 21st June, since 2015.

A session was organised on 21 st of June at SIIB, for the faculty and students to enhance their knowledge of yoga. They were acquainted with a number of aasnas, and the comprehensive benefits they would reap from each one. They learnt how yoga, with the right technique of posture and relaxation, can improve their core strength and flexibility. Also, it was described to them, how yoga could increase blood flow and muscle power throughout their bodies. The faculty had many inquisitive queries, which were carefully explained and corrected.

With our Director's gracing, this fruitful session was guided by Dr. Ujjwala Raje. She is a doctor by profession at Pune University and a freelance yoga instructor. Mr. Nirmal, the Assistant Director for the Sports Board of SIU, was also present to head the proceedings. All in all, it was a pleasant gathering, with content smiles and enriched minds.

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