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Guest Lecture by Mr. Vaibhav Pitale

Guest Lecture Title:

"Leading in Challenging Times"

Date of Conduct: 22nd August, 2020

Duration: 1.5 hours

Speaker’s Name & Designation:Mr. Vaibhav Pitale, Managing Director India & South West Asia

Organization: Belimo

 HOD/Concerned Faculty Head: Student Relations / Ms. Anuja Zanzad

Batch: 2019-21

No of students present: 150+

On 22nd August 2020, the students of MBA-IB and MBA-EE Batch 2019-21 attended a guest lecture conducted by Mr Vaibhav Pitale, Managing Director India and South-West Asia, Belimo Actuators on the topic of ‘Leading in Challenging Times’.

In his speech, Mr Pitale spoke about his career and how he has always faced challenges head-on, focusing on a manager’s responsibility to tackle tough situations in an effective manner. He spoke about the characteristics that differentiate any leader from a manager such as adaptability, rising to the challenge, and having the right attitude and values. He further discussed about the different types of leadership such as salesman, engineer, accountant and doer.

After that, he went on to speak about the 7 habits of a highly effective person as mentioned by Stephen Covey. These included: learning from failures, effective listening, being proactive, categorising things according to their priority, having the end goal in mind, thinking about a win-win solution, listening and then speaking and, establishing a synergy. Finally, he touched upon the strategy format for challenging times ahead and discussed its steps such as analysing the situation, planning, executing and reviewing.

The session ended with an insightful Q&A session. Overall, the workshop was very informative and the students learned a lot about effective leadership skills from it.


  1. “Mr Pitale presented a clear outline of the strategy that every manager should follow to become a leader and that was my key takeaway from the lecture”, Samiksha Shahi, MBA – International Business, Batch 2019-2021
  2. “The guest lecture was truly insightful and relevant with respect to the present market scenario and gave us a lot of pointers about how to become better and more efficient leaders, no matter what the economic conditions are” Nabila Rumane, MBA – Energy and Environment, Batch 2019-2021

Overall Feedback

The session presented a clear roadmap for the students to follow in the present economic conditions to not just become good managers, but better leaders.

Guest Lecture by Mr. Vaibhav Pitale at SIIB
Guest Lecture by Mr. Vaibhav Pitale at SIIB
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