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SIIB Outbound 2017

We the students of SIIB, are hereby expressing our experience that we underwent during the beautiful excursion to Mohili Meadows.

It all started in the mid of May when we received the mail giving us a gist of the amuse it withheld. Our excitement level increased by tremendous folds after having a brief interaction with Lt.Col Kulkarni. On Friday 9 th june 2017, we boarded the bus in the early morning to Kargat, where our final destination was situated. The bus ride was full of fun and frolic and we did not realize how time lapsed. We were welcomed with Dhol, refreshing welcome drinks and breakfast. Next, we were divided in ten groups and each group underwent ten team building activities like Chilly Billy, Blind Train, Water Rally, Caterpillar Walk, Hullla Hoop, Passing the baton etc.The most adventurous of the all was Zip line where we crossed 200m above 30 feet from the ground. All these activities led to better bounding, increased team spirit, self- confidence and feeling of belongingness. The evening turned out to be more delightful with delicious dinner and discotheque. Next morning, began with an early morning trek to nearby waterfall. The view was breath taking and it felt great to be in the lap of mother nature. Although the terrain was uneven, but the spirit to reach the destination kept us motivating. After 3 hours of trek, we reached the resort, had our breakfast and immediately prepped ourselves for the exciting game of treasure hunt.

It was rather a delight to see, all our batchmates searching frantically for the clues and doing unconventional tasks like imitating actors, actresses , boys performing fashion show , recreating a scenes from movie to obtain clue.

At the end a debriefing session took place where Lt. Col Kulkarni as well crew members displayed a beautiful presentation which showcased our entire journey of these 2 days in a glimpse , this was followed by re collection of best-moments by students, and finally the results were declared. Joy could be seen on the face of winners.

These were the best memories that we will cherish for llfe long.

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