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Marketing Fair 2018

Date: 14 th August 2018

MarkEx-2018 commenced with the opening remarks of the Director, Dr. Asmita Chitnis – who formally declared the fair open. A cluster of 23 groups and more than 200 students from the 2018-20 batch of SIIB participated in the event, meant to inculcate the practical aspects of the marketing through real life experience of a marketplace works. The event witnessed eye catching design of stalls and creative strategies of the participants, employed to attract the potential customers. The teams offered a wide variety of products as well as services that included offerings as diverse as fast-food and photographed portraits being sold in stalls adjacent to one another. The eventual response of the customers realized via gross sales validates the well placed efforts of the participants. The event progressed with the cornucopia of sights, smells and bustling crowd resulting in an amalgamation of joy and learning, as the participants and the faculties exchanged valuable insights. The event managed to render glimpses of how a real market functions and how the customer is the ultimate king beyond all theories and models. This learning was well appreciated by the students and was a crucial reason behind the inception of the entire event. All the activities of the events culminated with the teams participating in a photograph session with the Head of Department, Marketing- Prof. Suchita Jha.

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