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FAQs about the Library

  1. How do I borrow books? How many can I borrow at a time? 
    You have to come to the Library and have to search a book by your own, there is open access facility is available in the Library. If you have any problem in searching the required book, Library support team is available at the circulation counter for your help. For borrowing book or Journal/Magazine you should submit your Library card at the circulation counter. You can get three books and a Journal/ Magazine at a time against Library cards.

  2. Can I renew books online? How many times can I renew books?
    To renew books or Journal you have visit library personally with the book or Journal. Online system is available for re-issuing procedure but it is not yet in use due to some technical issues. You can renew the books for the three times if there is no reservation request is put by anybody else.

  3. How much are fines for books returned late?
    Rs. 5.00 per day will be charged for the late returned books / Journals after the due date which is being provided on the pink due date slip of each book.

  4. How do I request books that are on loan?
    You may use ‘Reservation’ option for the required book which is issued through web opac link of KOHA.

  5. How can I find a required Book or Journal?
    You can check the availability of the required boo / journal through KOHA web opac link.

  6. The library doesn’t have a book I need. How can I get it?
    You may suggest a Book or Journal after due approval from you HOD teacher. You can send an email to your HOD of your required books’ details like Title, Author, Publisher etc. If approved, your HOD will send us that title for purchase in the Library.

  7. When I borrow and return books ?
    Timing of Library’s Circulation counter is 9.00 am to 5.30 pm on Monday to Saturday. During this timing you may borrow and return the books. On Sundays there will be no Issue / Return procedure.

  8. How do I find a book/journal article for my Projects or Assignments?

    Different Online databases are available in the SIIB through SIU Library portal and also through SIIB Library. You may search your required article or research paper with the help of these e-resources. If any problem is there you contact Librarian for easy access to these resources.

  9.  How do I use the DVD collection?
    CDs / DVDs are available in the Library, but not for home lending purpose. You may take the required CD and make a copy of the same in the Library only. And after copying the CD you have to return it before leaving.

  10. What online resources are available?
    List of Online resources are available in LibraryManual. Link is also provided to access these different Online Databases.

  11. The Library is full. Where else can I study?
    As a student of SIIB, you are eligible to use reading hall facility of any of the Symbiosis Institute’s Library. In Hinjawadi campus, you may avail the facility of Reading Room of SCIT and SCM HRD Library.

  12. Does the library have WiFi?
    Yes, wireless access is available in the Library. For information on connecting to the WiFi connection contact IT Resource Centre’s Support team member.

  13. Can I take a photocopy of the book/ Journal of library?
    Yes. You may take a required book on your ID Card, and take Photo copy of the same from the basement Xerox Centre. You may take a photo copy of the part of the Reference Books which are not allowed to take outside of the Library.

  14. Is there computer is available in the Library?
    Yes there is a computer available in the Library for Students.