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  1. Who can access the library Services?

    Students of SIIB, all teaching and non-teaching staff of Symbiosis Institutions and Members of the Symbiosis Society.

  2. What are the overdue charges against late return of the book?

    Over dues, as laid down hereunder, shall be charged from the students if they fail to return the book(s) on or before the deadline as indicated on the Due-Date-Slip in the book: 

    Rs.5.00 per book per day shall be charged

  3. What should I do if I have lost the library book?

    In case of loss of a book(s), the member will either have to replace the same or pay the current value of the book.

  4. Where can I make a suggestion to the library?

    Suggestion Box” has been placed at the entrance of the library where you can drop-in your valuable suggestion(s). You can also email the suggestions at

  5. How can I recommend a book for purchase in the Library?

    Students can give their recommendations through the Web OPAC. Login with your PRN fill the form and submit it. Or email at

  6. How can I access the E-Recourses?

    You can access the database through the login credentials of SIU Central library Gateway Portal which is mentioned on the website under the E-Resources. The login credentials are issued to all the registered students of SIIB and those who don’t know the credentials can contact the librarian. Only Symbiosis students and faculty members can access these databases through their own login credentials.


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