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Imprints Mumbai

18th August, 2018 witnessed the second chapter of SIIB’s city-wise Annual Alumni Meet IMPRINTS 2018 - Mumbai, at Hotel Goldfinch, organized by SIIB’s Alumni Relations Team. Alumni from different experiences and backgrounds came in droves to attend the event and to reignite their friendships and remembrances. There was an air of excitement and qualm as the SIIB Alumni Relations Team eagerly awaited the Alumni to honour them with their presence. Once they arrived, there was an immediate amity and geniality among friends as the Alumni reminisced about their past and shared their experiences since. The event was also graced by the presence of both the Director of SIIB, Dr. Asmita Chitnis, as well as the Deputy Director, Dr. Prakash Rao. The Alumni were wholeheartedly welcomed and Dr. Chitnis briefed them on the latest happenings at SIIB that included launching the new SIIB mobile website, with SIIB becoming the second B – school to have done so. Dr. Chitnis also shared the different initiatives in full swing under her regime, such as Live-Wire, Student Mentorship Program and Silence Hour. Finally, she asked the Alumni for feedback on existing curriculum and how SIIB can continually improve in this aspect. It was an unenervated and lively atmosphere full of cheer, camaraderie and evocation.

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