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SIIB commenced the three-day International Business Conclave 2019 with the Model United Nations Conference, Incontro MUN 2019 based on the theme “Future of Work: A Global Perspective”, on the 19th of September 2019. The event was graced by the presence of Ambassador Dinkar Srivastava, Former Ambassador to Iran, Libya. He shared his experiences whilst working with the UN, the significance of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the working of various UN councils and their functioning

The conference revolved around the agenda "Technological changes in the future of jobs and creating decent work for all” which was discussed in the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) council. The event saw around 40 delegations comprising of 80 delegates coming together from various colleges across India. The conference was co-chaired by Mr. Sundaram Goswami and Mr. Abhishek Acharya along with Mr. Nikhil Rao as the rapporteur. These gentlemen, who were members of today’s executive board started with explaining the Rules of Procedure (RoP) and code of conduct to be followed by the delegates present. The event occurred in two sessions with the last hour devoted to drafting the "Working Paper" The delegations collaborated and came up with two working papers that were then voted upon. The MUN concluded with a Vote of Thanks and the top-performing delegate was rewarded the title of Best Delegate, with two other delegates receiving the title of High Commendation. Overall, the first MUN of SIIB was a great learning experience for everyone present there.

Incontro MUN Business Conclave of SIIB
Incontro MUN Business Conclave of SIIB
Incontro MUN Business Conclave of SIIB
Incontro MUN Business Conclave of SIIB
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