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Guest Lecture by the Mittag Couple

Date: 8th November, 2019

Guest Lecture Title: Relationships in Business

Date of Conduct: 8th November, 2019

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Speaker’s Name & Designation: Mr. Folker Mittag & Ms. Monica Mittag

Organization he/she represents: VARTA Batterie AG Group of Companies

HOD/Concerned Faculty Head: Dr. Sandip Solanki

Batch: Batch 2019-21

No of students present: 200+

Short Synopsis of the Workshop (10 lines): 

On 8th November, 2019, the students of SIIB 2019-2021 batch witnessed a guest lecture convened by Mr. Folker Mittag and Mrs. Monica Mittag. Mr. Mittag started off by talking about the obstacles that a manager faces on the upward trajectory of their career path and the responsibilities they tend to shoulder as they grow. He discussed about the different problems that people face when they work internationally such as differences in culture and language. Mrs. Mittag spoke about the importance of balancing work life and professional life, from the perspective of a spouse. Mr. Mittag took over to speak about ethical behaviour in an organization and the importance of listening to your own conscience. Mr. Mittag kept the audience captivated by sharing his experiences at work and personal life. He spoke about how people become more and more isolated as they go up the corporate ladder and that only a few relationships tend to stick around. Mr. Mittag proceeded to talk about innovation in terms of international marketing. Finally, the floor was opened up to the students who asked insightful questions about the changing roles of men and women in a household and how to act in situations which require you to compromise your values. The students of MBA Batch 2019-21 gained a lot of perspective about maintaining work and personal relationships from the guest lecture.

Any 2 students’ feedback:

  1. ‘Overall session was quite interactive and addressed how an individual should maintain work and personal life balance’, Ajinkya Pattwardhan, MBA, International Business, Batch 2019-2021.
  2. ‘I found constructive insights on how I should be creating a healthy environment for both my professional and personal life to be accommodated on equivalent levels.’ – Silky Chandra, MBA, International Business, Batch 2019-2021. 

Overall Feedback: It was a very enlightening and lively session which correlated the need for MBA students to know how to overcome life hurdles with an optimistic approach.

Guest Lecture by the Mittag Couple at SIIB
Guest Lecture by the Mittag Couple at SIIB
Guest Lecture by the Mittag Couple at SIIB
Guest Lecture by the Mittag Couple at SIIB
Guest Lecture by the Mittag Couple at SIIB
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