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Guest talk by Mr. Vineet Kapoor, MD of DIEHL Metals Pvt. Ltd

Lecture Title: Dynamics of the Industry: The changing environment, opportunities & challenges

Date of Conduct: 19th September, 2018 - Wednesday

Duration: 2 hours (9:45AM – 11:45AM)

Speaker’s Name & Designation: Mr. Vineet Kapoor, Managing Director

Organization he/she represents: DIEHL Metal India Pvt. Ltd.

HOD/Concerned Faculty Head: Dr. Sandip Solanki

Batch: 2018-20 (IB, AB, E&E)

No of students present: 150

Short Synopsis of the Workshop (10 lines):

Mr. Vineet Kapoor extolled the importance of self-actualization and keeping up to the mark with the ever-changing world. He delivered the impression that striving for personal excellence is required, rather than a run for the money. He explained how imperative it was to have a consistent balance of technical, commercial and social skills, to achieve success in all forums.

He also enshrined the need for promoting ‘open connections’ as an opportunity for career growth. He inspired students to understand the ease of doing business, combined with program adaptability, by quoting the examples of China, Switzerland, LinkedIn and Google. The concepts of self-focus, the right attitude, contribution to the society, and learning as a lifelong process, were highlighted throughout the speech. After the lecture, Mr. Vineet Kapoor answered many inquisitive questions asked by students, with excerpts from his invaluable experience.

Students’ feedback:

Akshay Solanki (MBA – E&E): Mr. Vineet Kapoor gave brief insights about the current scenario of industries as well as how to be successful by honing your skills and adapting with changing times. He shared the aspects and prospects of Industrial Revolution 4.0, which was very informative.

Saurabh Singh Bhauduria (MBA – E&E): Mr. Vineet Kapoor covered the trends in the current global market, how professional one should be and what set of attributes and one should have. We learned that Niti (Strategy) and Niyat (Willingness) are both required for complete professional attitude.

Guest talk by Mr. Vineet Kapoor at SIIB
Guest talk by Mr. Vineet Kapoor at SIIB
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